Suprise Visit From the Crew

Thought I’d post up this little happening. Isaac gives me a call tonight and wanted to borrow some toys for an interview with some voice talent they are trying to track down. So they head over and we hang out for a little bit. Isaac ended up taking some B roll of some stuff I had gotten since his last visit (my Splinter puppet, issue of Scat #1 and a few other things), and Randall and Curtis got some time in with the pinball machine 🙂 Anyway, I snapped a few pics while they were here. I love these guys, they are always welcome in my home.




New Blog Up on

If you haven’t noticed already, the Canadians of have left california are blogging about their experience. Randall Lobb – Producer – blogs about their experience in the first of what is probably going to be a large series of posts (Randall talks an awful lot ;-)).
Click the far away and visionary pic of Randall to check it out mang!