The Most Valuable TMNT Book!

Here it is folks. No, it’s not those ’84 Gobbledygooks nor is it that shifty Gold Turtlemania. Fittingly, that title belongs to a TMNT #1, 1st print. The one and only book in CGC 9.8, it’s the highest graded TMNT book ever!

You may be wondering what’s so special about it. I mean quick searches on ebay will yield books that can be had in the hundreds, if not low thousands. So what’s the big deal?

That CGC 9.8 label is the big deal. CGC has become the world authority on graded comic books. The higher the score on a 10 point scale, the closer to perfection your book is. To finally have such a rare book in incredible condition has comic geeks salivating. So how much is it worth?

Estimates from numerous high end comic collectors/experts agree that if this book went to auction, it would fetch $20,000 – $30,000!! With the last 9.6 selling for nearly $10,000, I really think those numbers are VERY likely.

And of course as the fates would have it, the owner of the book doesn’t even like the TMNT. He only bought the book back in ’84 from his LCS because the guy behind the counter was so persistent. So he buys it, flips it open, sees no color, and quickly closes it. He puts it away not to be seen again for another 25 years or so. He hears about this new fangled CGC thing, sends in his book, and now has basically won the lottery! As of now, he plans on holding on to it to pay for his kid’s college education one day. I’ll let you know of any developments.


Author: Hero_777

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