The Voice of the Shredder revealed!

We’re finally getting some more news about the upcoming CG series! Straight from the podcast from our beloved Rob Paulsen, the voice of the Shredder will be the one and only Kevin Michael Richardson. You’ve heard him in countless shows and movies, from Captain Bantu in Lilo and Stitch, to Bulkhead in Transformers: Animated and even Panthro in the newest Thundercats series. Boondocks, Batman, Teen Titans, Ben10, Samurai Jack – He has done SO Many shows and so many characters – He is incredibly talented, and I cannot Wait to hear him in action. This cast we have for the new show is going to be mind-blowing.

If you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:


Ooh, and a big thanks to Jester “Mancrush” McGill for sharing this on the Drome! 😉



Author: Hero_777

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