TMNT sprite set – X { LARGE V. } (( 1990 ?! ))

TMNT sprite set - X { LARGE V. }  (( 1990 ?! ))  [[ Src. Unknown ]]

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–>> ..buried for centuries on my X – Drive. I don’t recall the origins of this &where i got it. I only remember something about this being a hidden and suppressed site sprite-set ripped by some inquisitive hacker on some Sonic The Hedgehog game. Look close and you’ll see some very familiar parts of characters. Any further information is appreciated. .. i am clueless.

** Update Courtesy of ‘ The S ‘**

***This image is from the 2mb dump of the Sonic Crackers ROM. There are 2 current dumps: The 1mb version, and the 2mb overdump. The 2 mb overdump had a chip(s) attached to it when it was dumped. This extra data contains half of a prototype ninja turtle game. Which game it is currently hasn’t been discovered. ”

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