TMNT Treasures: 1988 Godzilla Jam Lithograph (Part 2)

Last week I put up this post showing you a very cool Godzilla Jam Lithograph I had found. At the time, we knew very little about the piece. However; the reason we do these posts isn’t just to share information, but also to collect information on things we may not know much about. This is one of those times that things worked out.

Shortly after the post went up, a GGM read by the name of John Pannozzi had this to say:

This was from a Godzilla portfolio published by Dark Horse. You can find a listing for it at

There was a second portfolio, which you can find a listing for at

Thank you so much for this new information John!

Of course as soon as I read this, I went on the hunt for the full portfolio from which this print came…and I found it!

Without further hesitation, I am happy to present to you the 1988 Dark Horse Godzilla Portfolio featuring: Arthur Adams, Eastman and Laird, Alan Moore, Doug Wildey, Paul Chadwick, Mark A. Nelson, Hilary Barta, Mark Badger, Cynthia Martin, and Bill Wray!

Click here to go to the album!

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