TMNT Treasures: 1988 Godzilla Jam Lithograph

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Here is something kind of special and strange I picked up from ebay. It is a lithograph of Godzilla and some of his foes, created by the Mirage A-Team at the time. Featured artists are Ryan Brown, Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Steve Lavinge, Steve Bissette, Michael Dooney, Eric Talbot, and Jim Lawson.

Michael Dooney has this to say about the art:
Steve Bissette did the rough layout for the pic and then we all picked our own creature to draw (I did MechaKong). I remember doing this very clearly, it was the late ’80’s and we did it in the then very small Mirage office…so small we were all working in separate rooms. Pete actually has some video of this day I think. I also think that at least some of the art was done as separate pieces so we could work on it at the same time, and then pasted up to make the big picture.

Steve Bessette also gave his insight on the piece:
That’s a rare piece, and yep, we all did it — a massive jam piece by the whole crew, circa Northampton MA Mirage Studios in the early days (1988). I drew the Mothra larvae with the singing ‘Peanut’ twins atop her head. With some effort, I might be able to identify who did what, to a point — that’s Peter Laird’s MechaGodzilla, Mike Dooney’s MechaKong, Eric Talbot’s Frankenstein, Ryan Brown’s Godzilla (I think), Steve Lavigne’s Barugon (right foreground), I think Jim Lawson did the Ghidrah, and Kevin Eastman’s Rodan soaring above. [We did it] just because, I think — maybe for a convention? That’s possible.

Thanks for the information guys! At any rate, I LOVE it, and it is definitely my new favorite print!

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