TMNT Treasures: Ken Mitchroney’s TMNT Pinball Machine

Hey Everyone,

This week I was able to acquire Ken Mitchroney’s TMNT Pinball Machine to replace my old one. This machine is special because not only was it in Ken’s studio while he was drawing the TMNT Adventures comic books (infact, he told me he used the machine as table space when putting the books together), but it was also shipped directly to his studio from the Data East Factory, so it has never seen the inside of an arcade!

Here is a video of me talking about the machine and demoing it.


3 thoughts on “TMNT Treasures: Ken Mitchroney’s TMNT Pinball Machine”

  1. So jealous!! Beautiful machine all around. I might have seen one of these back in the day, and its nice to know things this nice are still around.

  2. Very cool! I hope to get a pinball machine to go along with my arcade machine someday. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a TMNT machine. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that it’ll be as nice as yours.

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