TMNT Treasures: Mark Martin Donatello Plate

Today I present you with the newest addition to the collection; and my new favorite commission! Talented TMNT artist and all around super hero, Mark Martin, created this this piece for me. This is my favorite turtle atop what is my favorite sea creature (which I actually didn’t tell Mark at the time of the commission…he just decided to draw a ray all on his own!). But what makes this particular piece isn’t necessarily the art (which I do totally love), but the uniqueness of the medium. This particular piece of art is actually enshrined into a plate! Yes, as in a dinner plate! Completely amazing. I totally love it. Thank you again Mark!

One thought on “TMNT Treasures: Mark Martin Donatello Plate”

  1. Super cool! It’s a great looking piece. Very unique that it’s on a plate. Did you ask for it to be on a plate? In any case, I’m envious.

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