TMNT Treasures – The Our Friends Power-5 Robot

Hey gang. TMNT Treasures was a post series from my old blog that I always really enjoyed doing. So, I thought I would start it up again!

TMNT Treasures showcases the most rare or bizaare TMNT items out there. This week we are looking at…”THE OUR FRIENDS POWER-5″ ROBOT!

What the heck is Our Friends Power-5? We’ll I’ll tell you, son.

Our Friends Power-5 (atleast we are reasonably sure that is a semi-accurate translation) was a very low budget korean satire film. The movie was…well…I really haven’t the slightest idea what it’s about…other than ninja turtles….kinda. The reason I don’t know, is because I have never seen it…and…nobody seems to have seen it. In all the years I have been collecting, I ahve never come across anyone who has seen the movie or had a copy. (If you have a copy, please contact me if you’re interested in selling it.)

So Aparently…this movie had robots. Or atleast 1 robot. And it looked… like this!


The answer to your immediate question is Yes. There are 5 turtles on the box. I don’t know either.
This box is actually cool, so I’ll go over it. First off, check out the rockin’ handle for easy hauling.


The best part about this box though are the toy example pictures. The Turtles that come with this robot are like G.I. Joe sized. However, the packaging designer decided it would be clever to CRAM regular sized ninja turtles into the robot for the box photos.



The first thing you see when you open the box is…MORE BOX! This guy is wrapped up pretty good. I kinda actually like the overall presentation of the packaging. It’s much higher quality then the toy itself, heh.


You’ll realize this toy is made of total crap as soon as you touch it. The plastic used is super cheap, and super thin. The robot come broken up in smaller robot parts (ala Voltron). Putting it together for this photo was nerve wracking because I was terrified I was going to break it. The robot also comes with 5 of these cool metallic turtles that fit into the various robot parts. 2k Mikey is hanging out for scale.




The interesting thing about this bootleg is that it is actually a cross product bootleg. Not only is the Our Friends Power-5 robot set a ninja turtle bootleg, but it is also a Gobots bootleg. The robot itself is a direct mold knock off of the Gobots Guardian Power Suit.


A word on rarity. The robot featured in this post is the only example of the Our Friends Power-5 robot in known collecting circles. I know there must be more of them, but nobody seems to be able to find any. IF YOU HAVE ONE, PLEASE CONTACT US. We would like to document its existence.

Well, that just about wraps it up for this edition of TMNT Treasures. If you have any questions about this or other posts, comment or e-mail us!

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  1. I just purchased one from Ebay and it features different (nicer too I think) box art and the Turtles are not Chrome. Its actually marketed as “Teenage Turtle Robot” and not under the Power 5 brand. Its from the same manufacturer however. I just think they were trying to tap into the TMNT market as well as the market they created with Power 5. Theres also another robot in this line that is over 2 feet tall! I have pictures of everything from the series I believe.

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