UK Latest: Giant Leo Playset, Turtle to Weapons released

The much talked about transforming Giant Leo Playset has surfaced in Blighty! Listed on Amazon and Tesco Direct for £99.99/£100 ($155 USD). With 30 different play features and other mod cons, this is a beast or all beasts!

91eRaS6NWlL._SL1500_“Leo stands 24 inches tall, but then opens up to 30 inches wide with nine rooms: Turtles living room, Splinter’s meditation area, skate park half-pipe, Mikey’s pad, street level lookout tower, Turtles’ dojo, Donnie’s workshop, computer lab and a Turtles’ jail. The playset includes over 30 different features including skateboard, street light catapult, multiple sneaky sewer trap doors, weapon racks, climbing ladders and fold out bridges. “

Also out are the Mikey, Raph and Leo transforming Turtle to Weapons figures. Spotted in ASDA and Tescos. Each retailing for around £18.00 ($27.99) each.

EXTRA: currently have the Turtle Blimp for a mere £8! ($12 USD) Be sure to grab one before the scalpers do!,default,pd.html

Author: Hero_777

UK-Based, longterm TMNT enthusiast, proud parent and professional Santa Claus.