TMNT ニンジャタートルズ the mangas # 5 & 8 (( 1994 ))

TMNT ニンジャタートルズ the manga  # 8 // adaptation of  "TEENAGERS FROM DIMENSION-X" - You, Me and a stick of butter !!     (( 1994 ))

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–>> Gawd, only a maniac would do this. But gee, after over 15 hours ( although i was multi-tasking on three other projects at the time ) of scanning and uploading and wrestling with my ghetto connection i managed to upload some cool stuff !!

A HUGE chunk of both TMNT ニンジャタートルズ manga Volumes 5 & 8, the most imperative pages !!

Adaptations of the classic TMNT Toon are represented : “THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING TURTLES”, ” It Came From Beneath the Sewers”, “New York’s Shiniest”, and “Teenagers From Dimension – X “.

The Japanese comics adaptations are altered, amazing ,insane and downright hilarious in many cases !!

TMNT ニンジャタートルズ the manga # 5 // adaptation of "THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING TURTLES" & " It Came From Beneath the Sewers" - book sleeve i  (( 1994 ))

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TMNT ニンジャタートルズ the manga  # 8 // adaptation of "NEW YORK'S SHINIEST" & "TEENAGERS FROM DIMENSION-X" -  book sleeve i  (( 1994 ))

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.. yeh man, i really hope all that hard work and anxiety was worth it.

So stressful, what the hell was i thinkin’.

Only a lunatic would drive himself nuts scanning in over 97% of 2 crazy TMNT manga volumes.

..- err wait a second .. O.o


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