Awesomeness…Made of Paper.


I’m not going to F around with this post.

This looks awesome.

You should download this right now.

If you build this, and take a picture of yourself with it, I will totally put it up on GGM.

Do it!

That Is All.

Click the pic to download the PDF.

Pure awesome brought to you by

See! Doesn’t Isaac look way cooler than you right now?


SDCC NECA April and Mousers!

Looks like NECA is still alive and kicking folks!


 Click the pic to go straight to Pete’s blog for more info!

TMNT Treasures: Purple Dragon Prototype

Tonight on TMNT Treasures, we bring you fans of the 2k3 show something special. This is a test shot of the unreleased Purple Dragon figure.


Originally slated for release in 2006, This Purple Dragon figure was one of the handful of figures that were slated for production that got the axe. Here is an example (not a part of our collections) of a painted prototype of the figure:


Unfortuantely ours is missing the jacket… and while ours isn’t painted, it is still a fine example of good Playmates work that will never see the light of day…Except…you know…here 🙁

Click the top pic to go to an album of the figure.

Vacuum-Metalized Fugitoid


You may or may not know that Peter Laird has ALWAYS wanted Playmates to do a Vacuum-Metalized Fugitoid. This has yet to happen presumably because it would be cost prohibitive. Well, Today on his blog, Peter Laird shared a prototype for just such a figure. Nothing is set in stone yet, but it looks like we may finally be getting one of these beauties. Click the Pic to read the full blog post.

TMNT Treasures – Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Club Kit

The things I do for you people. I bought this item pretty much knowing that I was going to use it for a Treasures post.

So here we have a SEALED Official Fan Club Kit. You had to send in for this little beauty with an order form in the original 88 figures. These “Fan Club Flier” figures are actually quite valuable these days in and of themselves.

It was a bitter sweet decision when I decided to…open this. But I did it! Shed your collector tears now and lets move on to the good stuff!


First off, we have the introduction Letter. It Reads:

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Congratulations. From this day forward and for the next twelve months you are an official member of the Turtle Force.

This title confers certain responsibilities: as an honorary reptile you must do battle with the forces of evil wherever you may find them. You must always be ready to fight for truth and justice, and where truth and justice are not immediately at issue you much remember to behave yourself.

To help you live up to these lofty expectations, we’ve enclosed your Official Turtle Force Fan Club Kit. In it you’ll find an exotic array of Turtles paraphernalia, including a limited-edition Turtes mini comic book, a color Turtles sticker, your official Turtle Force membership car and wall certificate, and of course, your official Turtles bandanna.

Membership also entitles you to a one-year subscription to the Turtles’ official newsletter, THe Chaos Chronicle. Your first issue should be arriving soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

And again, congratulations. Your fan club kit will provide hours of fun and moral guidance. Read it, learn it, live it, and be careful. The bad guys don’t always wear costumes.

A.J. Marsiglia


Man…that was a lot of typing. Onward!

This is the Wall Certificate and the membership card. I am really considering doing scans of the membership card and shopping out the number so people can download the image and make their own (I’ll ask Steve for permission tomorrow)



Here we have the order form for buying various retail TMNT items. I believe this was the only way that you could spend Pizza Points.





Next we have the “limited-edition” comic book. It LOOKS like rough Laird art. I’m sure someone out there can confirm or deny this. The story is a variation on the turtles first meeting with the MWS April O’Neil.





Then we have the Sticker. This is actually one of my favorite stickers, a friend of mine had given me one a long time ago and it was on my car for a very long time.


This next item is the only thing in the kit not made of paper. This is the “official” Ninja Turtles Bandanna…I’d wear it. It’s neat!


And the last item in the kit is probably my favorite because it’s a really silly thing to have put in there…A $0.25 coupon for Thomas’ English Muffins!



Well gang, that’s all for this edition of TMNT Treasures. I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane as much as I did…Now if you’ll excuse me, I am suddenly craving an English Muffin!