Abandoned tOkKa TMNT GAG art (( 2002 ))

terrible2z.com :: Abandoned TMNT GAG art ; "U DIE"  (( 2002 ))*** Check in with GGM on Facebook ***

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–>> FOOLISH – abandoned Turtle art from the Tokka-archives. Unclear why these were made, they may have been web-comic fodder from back in the day when i was doing an infrequent gag, usually one-panel comic format for the old, fairly defunct UNDERMANHATTAN site.


terrible2z.com :: Abandoned TMNT GAG art ; "FIGHTER FLY"  (( 2002))

terrible2z.com :: Abandoned TMNT GAG art ; "Whoopie'za"  (( 2002 ))

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Sorry for the delay in content the past week or 2, i was recently dealing with hospital issues and real life drama  and it did set me a bit behind on the news, i shall amend that with this and upcoming posts. We’ll start with Movie related bits and the like.

 threezero-tmnt-teaserTOYARK :: It ain’t no joke .. like it or not these 1/6 scale high-end movie figs are due soon.

.. comic bites & round-up of the rest o’ the news via the next post. See ya in a bit !!

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