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–>> Finally !! PART 3 of THREE !!  Darker, metallic paints & washes enhanced ROCKSTEADY’S model. Extra camo apps on pants. Club more “studded” with real nails. Ammo Belt & GRENADE chord added over torso to emulate the classic cartoon appearance, CAR15 Assault Rifle added to Rocky’s arsenal.

Did the best i could to make this famous Retail Rhino Rabble-rouser REALLY nasty !!



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? ?



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tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: ROCKSTEADY viii / .. Extra CamotOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: ROCKSTEADY v

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: ROCKSTEADY vi / ..Grenade & OLD SCHOOL AMMO BELT Bandoliers

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: ROCKSTEADY ix / ..with standard TMNT:OOTS Movie Rocksteady '16

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: BEBOP ix / ..with TMNT 'GIANT BAD BOYS' 13" ROCKSTEADY 1990

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio vii

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Out now TMNT : OUT OF THE SHADOWS BLU-RAY and Digital options are available NOW !! !!   —

Highlighting the options, among the fact that all specially marked packs come with 4 TMNT Masks for the family — we also get exclusives ::



Check out these cool graphics on the PIZZA HUT Delivery scooters recently delivering the Teens’ favourite pie in Japan !!

  • splinter-jared-krichevsky

Cinema Frontline JAPAN:: Translated – Jared-Krichevsky’s beautiful and crazy concept art for the Film’s Splinter, Casey, Shredder and the insane creative renderings that became the most crazy thing in ANY TMNT movie – KRANG !!

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COMICS BEAT :: Must Read  – 

INTERVIEW: Stephen Murphy opens up about fear and slivers of hope in THE PUMA BLUES and UMBRA, little bit of info on the canceled direct-to-video TMNT v.1 #1 animated adaptation


September, 2016
14TMNT Adventures, Vol. 12 TPB
21TMNT #62; Batman/TMNT #1 Director’s Cut; TMNT Amazing Adventures #14; TMNT Bebop & Rocksteady Destroy Everything TPB
28TMNT Universe #2

October, 2016
05TMNT Amazing Adventures, Vol. 3 TPB;TMNT Animated, Vol. 08 TPB
12TMNT, Vol. 15: Leatherhead TPB; TMNT Universe #3
19TMNT #63

November, 2016
09Batman/TMNT Adventures #1; TMNT: The Meeting of the Mutanimals HC
16TMNT Shadows of the Past Game: April O’Neil Adventure Pack
23TMNT #64
30TMNT Universe #4; TMNT: The Kevin Eastman Notebook Series – Michelangelo HC

December, 2016
07TMNT Universe #5; TMNT New Animated Adventures Omnibus, Vol. 2 TPB
14TMNT #65; Batman/TMNT Adventures #2;TMNT: The Ultimate Comic Art Poster Book TPB

Back to toys and more fun .. 


• The Fwoosh, funky evil photo set of Next Month’s NYCC ** NECA: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Eastman & Laird Foot Clan set !! 

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TMNT   MASTER :: tmnt-operationbuild-article4x3-4

tmnt_basic_karai• More TURTLE TOY video review fun with Pixel-DAN  ::

Finally ..

Comic Book Movie ::  USAGI YOJIMBO confirmed for the Nick TMNT show.


..more L8R G8Rz.. 

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tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio i ☣ ☣


–>> Here we are again – encouraging creativity & Tokka’s hoping to inspire you to get imaginative with your own TMNT toys !! Here’s part one of our look at Tokk’s  work on  the BIG BAD BOYS in Playmates Action figure arsenal.


This custom project was not going for screen accuracy but enhancement over the factory paint, models, and accessories. Elements of the classic cartoon & IDW comic versions of the characters & in Shredder’s case; CIRO NIELI’S design work was emulated as best i could. Two separate media are represented with all three figures, but at 11″ – this customization for my own personal collection just seems to work extremely effectively in representing the classic trio .

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER i

  ☣  ☣

  Bloodier paint scheme added to Saki’s model, face, weapons & Kuro Kabuto helmet. “INK” applications were added to model to emulate best i could CIRO NIEL’S 2-D Shredder designs.

  Nickeodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: 11” 'Battle Shell' SHREDDER iv (( 2014 )) [[ ebay pic ]]

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Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: " KARAI, SHREDDER & FOOT CLAN"; Early production art by Ciro Nieli - LARGE v. (( 2010 )) [[ Courtesy of TMNT Master ]]

“Standing tall and intimidating, Shredder is the deadly leader of the evil Foot Clan and leads them in a never-ending battle against Splinter and the Turtles. Ready to take on anything, he’s equipped with razor sharp armor and forbidden dark ninja skills!

Removable helmet reveals deep scars covering his face from being trapped inside a burning building after a brutal fight with Splinter. Could this be why Shredder is always out for revenge?”

Figure comes with a sword and a pair of shuriken (throwing stars).

Nickeodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: 11” 'Battle Shell' SHREDDER vi (( 2015 )) [[ Courtesy of Q

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER ii

Nickeodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: 11” 'Battle Shell' SHREDDER iii (( 2014 )) [[ ebay pic ]]tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER iv/ ..damaged noggin

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER iii / Kuro Kabuto Helmet, Blood Sword, Blood Shuriken

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER v
tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER vi

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER vii

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER ix / ..with SDCC SHREDDER ( w/ Removable Helmet ) 2013


tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER viii

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER ix / ..with Sideshow Collectibles SHREDDER Comiquette 2011

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Related notes following the success of the Teens lasted smash, silver-screen hit – let’s check in on this month’s Summer TURTLE news activity !! !! ::

**More info on NECA ’89 TMNT ARCADE SDCC Figure Packs ..



Go underground! See the sewer lair from every angle with this interactive [ AIRBnB ] 360 tour.

Instyle ::Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Star Brittany Ishibashi Reveals What’s Really Under Those Costumes

Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows FILM REVIEW (Contains SPOILERS!)

tmnttrailer2The Turtles are back in this follow up to the previous 2014 movie. (“Thankyou, Captain Obvious”).

The scene has changed since the thwarting of Shredder and Sachs almost 2 years ago: The Turtles have new digs and have picked up again since The Foot gatecrashed their home. Vernon “The Falcon” Fenwick is now a ‘key to the city’ celebrity/franchise after taking the credit for apprehending Shredder (Brain Tee) who has somehow managed to grow his hair out and regain some years in prison. Splinter has mellowed out a little and seems to be a little less strict, perhaps humbled. April (Mega Fox) is still keeping tabs on whatever is left of the Foot Clan through various undercover pursuits.

April’s role in this sequel shows how Donatello’s gadgetry has picked up since the freecycling and hodgepodging of junk in the first movie. Donatello has assembled a neat high-tech networking setup in the new lair with April acting as his eyes and ears on the surface. One scene involves the former Channel 6 reporter chatting up Foot ally Baxter Stockman at a social event whilst hacking his emails through a custom built smartwatch by Donatello. This version of Baxter is goofy, but still as arrogant as other incarnations before. April learns of the Foot Clan’s latest scheme after a quick read of the hacked ‘self destruct’ emails from Baxter’s in-box – Bust Shredder out of jail!

Through this successful to a point hacking, the Turtles also learn that Shredder along with two other prisoners (and fans of his work) nicknamed Bebop and Rocksteady are soon to be transferred to another facility. This part of the movie also introduces a pre-vigilante ‘corrections officer’ Casey Jones (Stephen Amell) who along with one other colleague are tasked with the job of relocating the criminals at the head of a small convoy (big mistake!). This is where the road rage begins in a fun action packed scene that shows off again how the Turtle-tech has advanced since the events of the previous film when the new ‘Tartaruga Brothers’ Garbage Truck is introduced! A remarkably good motorway battle ensues between the Turtles and bike-riding, chopper flying Foot Ninja. Launching manhole covers aside, a fun yet crazy moment involved a fidgety Raphael diving out of the back entrance to clothesline two pursuers off their bikes following with headbutting another off their bike shortly after. Even in a battle that revolved around vehicles and tech, a way for Raphael to whackbag some villains his way was slotted in.
Krang being another promising attraction to this movie surprisingly turns up sooner than anyone may possibly expect. The Dimension-X Warlord is a lot bigger on screen than expected, with Brad Garrett providing a reasonably good non-Pat Fraley like character voice. Dangerous as he is, being a one man alien invasion (no Rock soldiers in sight!) Krang is not without at least one very amusing comedy moment where the mandroid body has difficulty stuffing him into the stomach cockpit. This is coincidentally reminiscent of the action figure based off this movie design. Perhaps Playmates actually engineered it that way!

Brian Tee (who I first saw on the big screen a decade ago as Fast & The Furious villain Drift King) is in my opinion a good choice for portraying Shredder. Some years have been visually put back on the character and overall an improvement. The prison idea has freed the character from hiding in dark rooms and brought him more out in the open. The public know about him, so hiding is pointless. Tee’s Shredder is confident, stern and surprisingly a lot more tolerant of his goofier associates compared to his animated 1980’s counterpart. There could have been at least one moment where Rocksteady and Bebop were berated, but it wasn’t going to happen. And, whilst I believe Tee was good enough to portray Shredder he could have had some better writing in the script. Much in the same way I think Colin Baker made a great Doctor Who, but suffered from bad stories. One scene involved a partnership with Krang forming very quickly after meeting for the first time. A partnership regrettably made later on. Saki really should have played hardball, especially where dividing a conquered Earth is concerned. I still on the whole prefer this rendition of Shredder over the gruffly-voiced, out-of-focus Uncle Fester clone the previous feature had to offer. Gone was the overwhelming multi-bladed mech armor from before and some more slimline combat gear in its place. Armor didn’t play took much of a part in this movie as Shredder actually didn’t need it. Then again, one scene in the later going shows that maybe he did. Sadly, Shredder didn’t do much duking-out at all.
The Turtles receive the lion’s share of screen time in this movie no matter what was going on. The designs whilst the same in different clothing (esp trousers!) are a good looking overhaul with some bits and pieces from the previous CG designs remaining. The Turtles have ample amount of interaction between each other as well as some great moments with their co-stars. Even Raphael and Casey (or proto-Casey as I think of him) scratched the surface on their ego-clash jabbing at one another. Some reviews complained the Turtles argued a lot, but to me that wasn’t a bad thing. The conflict provided an obstacle to overcome and have a Splinter advised Leonardo unite the team and save the day.

Leonardo no longer sounds like Johnny Knoxville, and this has worked out for the better! The previous actors for each Turtle have returned and given ample amounts of interesting dialogue.
Turtles aside, Bebop & Rocksteady as the other mutants were visually impressive! Being a wrestling fan, I was overjoyed at the casting of Shaemus as Rocksteady. An Irish version of the character actually worked as much as a Russian version did in the current animated series (some may disagree with that). Bebop (Gary Anthony Williams) is also off completely his trolley and is probably the largest rendition of the character to date. That beer gut! And not just the beer gut either. For those who didn’t like Bebop being a skinny cyberpunk cat burglar in the Nick TV series will see a complete opposite in contrast “Ma Man!”.

The introduction of Bebop and Rocksteady also demonstrated a newer version of Mutagen ooze provided by Krang and a different take on how mutants are created. Consider this Project Renaissance from the first film fast-forwarded via a mutagen-darted tranquilizer gun held by Shredder (which also explains why the action figure has a firearm). Bebop and Rocksteady are promoted from errand boys to test subjects after being snipered by their boss. The mutagen when injected into a human is supposed to unlock dormant animal DNA from within… That’s right! Any human can be become a mutant or rather an anthropomorphic animal depending on their mystery animal ‘totem’. This does open up possibilities for more mutant characters down the line with a gamble of what animal motif they could be…

Bebop and Rocksteady get to duke it out with the Turtles, in a shot scene where the goons are followed to Brazil in search of lost alien tech for Shredder to bring the Technodrome to Earth. Whilst it could have been longer than the seemingly 5 minutes it was given, the Turtles and Errand boys were given a backdrop to themselves to fight with each other on. The parachuting scene which led to the Turtles stowing away on the Brazil-bound TCRI plane was mostly given away in the multiple TV spots that led up to the movie. Whilst the struggle was a 2 on 4 affair, Bebop and Rocksteady had an all-terrain tank on board provided by TCRI, and by the looks of things a tough vehicle that survived the inevitable plane crash a fight between all the mutants would cause. Perhaps off camera Bebop and Rocksteady brainstormed and borrowed a certain idea from the A-Team movie… The movie never actually showed the plane crash.

This scene made possible by TCRI makes one wonder if Eric Sachs (William Fichtner) from the first movie is still kicking around somewhere or holed up in Japan. His company TCRI is still a presence in this sequel and has provided the Foot Clan with the necessary hardware they need. Sachs never really died after being lamped over the head with a microscope by Vernon ‘The Falcon’ in the original movie, but disappeared. That particular fight scene almost repeats itself in Out of the Shadows with Vernon and April teaming up again, to take on the recast Karai (Brittany Ishibashi) in Sachs place. Whilst this gave Karai mk2 something to do, it wasn’t enough to utilize the character properly. Karai is the one character that is short-changed for screentime in this movie. The recycled fight sequence undermined Karai and what Turtles fans know she is capable of. In in the nicest way possible, the missed original actress Minae Noji dodged a proverbial bullet there.

So everything comes to a head and Baxter has all the alien tech assembled for summoning. The Technodrome debuts from a rift in the sky as a dismantled load of giant flying Lego bricks. Its almost like watching a fusion of Pixels (2015), Bayformers and Age of Ultron (2015). The Turtles via Vernon’s celebrity status arrange to meet with and befriend the local police chief Rebecca Vincent (Laura Linney). Another new human ally is always a good thing, and resourceful ally at that. Through the help of the Police, the Turtles surface outside in the daylight and are given crowd controlled access to the main building the Technodrome is forming around. It was kind of like the scene from Ghostbusters (1984) where they are cheered on before climbing up Spook Central but less fanfare.

The final battle is pretty much a replacement of that from the previous venture where the Turtles fight with a giant manbaby robot instead of a giant Decepticon Shredder. After teamwork prevails and saves the city again, the door is left open for everyone to return again. No characters died at all, leaving the opportunity for the villains and heroes to reunite in Turtles 3 “Insert subtitle here”.

The Turtles are given recognition towards the end by the city as heroes, but choose to continue their ‘in the shadows’ status. A networking relationship has formed with the police to call on the Turtles assistance if help is needed. Perhaps a Turtle Signal will debut in the 3rd movie!!!

The movie ends on a really high-note with an upbeat cover of the original Chuck Lorre produced Ninja Turtles theme by Irish band HomeTown accompanying cartoon shaded stills of character portraits and actor credits. No are credits or post credits scenes with this venture, so be usher-friendly and don’t stick around for any! 🙂

Whilst this sequel has visible holes and retcons, these don’t stop it being a visually fun Ninja Turtles adventure for the silver screen. This will not please everyone, but in a nutshell the whole offering is a vast improvement over what the audience had 2 years ago. I was personally left wanting more and wanting to see where things will go, now that some ice has been broken between the Turtles and the authorities. Krang is most likely going to have a second stab at conquering Earth and maybe bring some allies this time. Above all, I am also mostly eager to see if the Turtles finally finish their Hip-Hop Christmas album!

Overall, a very enjoyable watch. Let’s hope this can be topped!

“Ma Man!”


There! You the reader have made it this far and have survived my marathonly unstructured ramble. Hope you found this useful and please leave a comment. Preferably a nice one.



MEGA BLOKS :: Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: Micro Action Figures Series I, blind bag (( 2016))

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☣ ☣

Welp, we’re playing catch-up here due to the chaotic GGM downtime – – but there’s reasons Tokka insists we’re ONE OF THE HARDEST WORKING TMNT NEWS SITES OUT THERE!! Inspute the issues, we still try to work around the problems to deliver no matter what !!

So..let’s have some fun. Tokka encourages GGM & his fans/friends to get creative with current and classic toy releases to see if you can put your own personal spin on your favourite Mutants, Monsters & Madmen !! !!

tOkKUSTOM :: 88 SHREDDER - MEGA BLOKS Mini ii..check out Tokk’s recent “RETRO STYLE” custom of the MEGA BLOKS Holographic Shredder Minifig. Recalling the classic and weird color scheme of that original 1988 Playmates Shredder figure !! !!



MEGA BLOKS :: Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: Micro Action Figures Series I, instructions v.1 A (( 2016))

** View LARGE On Black **

☣ ☣

Instructions for all the Series 1 characters, except the “MYSTERY” chase character – The Foot Bot.

MEGA BLOKS :: Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: Micro Action Figures Series I, instructions v.1 B (( 2016))

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☣ ☣

tOkKUSTOM :: 88 SHREDDER - MEGA BLOKS Mini iv / ..with HOLOGRAPHIC SHREDDER mini fig..a regular, TMNT Classic Show Accurate Shredder from Mega Bloks is due later this year. I really wanted to focus on the classic colors of that original toy as he appeared on packaging and some related items of that era.

tOkKUSTOM :: 88 SHREDDER - MEGA BLOKS Mini v / ..with original 88 SHREDDER

tOkKUSTOM :: 88 SHREDDER - MEGA BLOKS Mini vi / ..with Nick LEGO SHREDDER '13 mini fig

tOkKUSTOM :: 88 SHREDDER - MEGA BLOKS Mini vii / ..with CLASSIC Toon RAPHAEL '16 mini fig

tOkKUSTOM :: 88 SHREDDER - MEGA BLOKS Mini viii / .. vs.CLASSIC Toon LEONARDO '16 mini fig



TMNT-Inset-walmart OOS

  • PEZ - Donatello ConnectiblePEZ :: TMNT Connectibles now available !! Also showing up at some brick & mortar shops near you like Toys R’ US..
  • :: Nick's Bebop,Rocksteady,1/2Shell Hero Bax n' Slash

Tyler Perry Talks Potential Return as Fly in Ninja Turtles 3


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Pre-order Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan and receive the GameStop Exclusive Rock N Roll Pack!

“Those who pre-order Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan from GameStop will receive four unique Rock N Roll costumes for Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo to wear in game.

“Get a FREE TMNT Poster with art by Mateus Santolouco with purchase of TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan*. Mateus Santolouco is a Brazilian comic artist and illustrator who is best known for his work with IDW comics on the TMNT series.”





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General Mills :: Nickelodeon “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES” CEREAL (( 2016 ))

General Mills :: Nickelodeon "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" CEREAL i (( 2016 ))

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–>> No April foolin’, your favourite teens are back in cereal form !! Fruity with a slightly similar flavour to G.M.’s Trix.

☼ ☼

General Mills :: Nickelodeon "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES" CEREAL ii (( 2016 ))

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☼ ☼


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Related notes ::

**Patty Duke Mental Health Project on CrowdRise**


Patty Duke and Sons : Sean & Mackenzie Astin after receiving her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004.

To each of you, all of you and the entire world :-)))

My mother’s life touched tens of millions of people. Her ground-breaking portrayal of iconic American legend Helen Keller launched a career that would span six decades. First on broadway and then on the silver screen, Patty Duke’s characterization of the extraordinary development of the blind/deaf child brought global attention to the plight of people living with those challenges.

This kind of illuminating and compassionate work became the sacred mission of her life. She became a voice for the voiceless and a reassuring presence for the scared, the intimidated and the lost. She was a healer of many souls and a champion for so many in need.

Anna (her given name) fought for civil rights, gay rights and the rights of working actors to name just a few. Her greatest achievement was confronting her mental illness and making her story public. She crossed the Nation speaking and campaigning and lobbying for mental health. My mom took her place as a mental health advocate in the greatest tradition of noble leadership.

Ultimately, her colossal energy and indomitable spirit charged her life and bolstered the sense of purpose and intention that defined her existence. Through countless and often agonizing struggles, she was a deeply committed and tireless WARRIOR.

Before her passing, before the suffering became too great, we talked about how the core mission of her mental health work might continue beyond her life. This initiative will fuel a multi-level approach to achieving results for those suffering with mental illness, and for their families and communities. Public awareness campaigns, lobbying efforts, and supporting a multitude of mental health programs big and small will be organized, prioritized and vigorously pursued.

The funds raised here will establish the Patty Duke Mental Health Initiative: the legal expenses, the formation of a board of directors, the establishing of a location, the hiring of an experienced executive director to manage professional fundraising, initial staffing and all of the costs associated with launching an endeavor of this sort.

Thank you for your love and support. On behalf of my mother, her husband, her children and grandchildren, her family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, supporters, partners and her adoring fans, I give a great big hug and much much love!!!

Yours, Sean Astin

• •

NICK GAMES :: 20070101141837482 CHECK OUT Nick’s new – RETRO TOON Turtle style game “KICKIN’ IT OLD SCHOOL” !! Featuring the original Toon voice cast !!!!!

  • ON THE Turtle-TOY FRONT :: The TMNT Movie 2 figure line officially announced by Playmates was set for APRIL 10. I believe a special arrangement with Walmart allowed the toys to appear about a week early on palettes delivered to the Walmart stores across the nation and on their toy pegs. As of this week, more stores like Target are getting the basic, vehicle and playsets associated with the film like the Technodrome and the Tactical Truck.

Revoltech - Mike

Some T-drome members and i have found a couple not so overwhelming but interesting finds on the Walmart website.



More TMNT: Out Of The Shadows @ WonderCon

  • Collider Videos ::

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: Megan Fox WonderCon Exclusive Interview

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows: Stephen Amell WonderCon Interview


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