GoGreenMachine in Tales of the TMNT #64


Hey Gang,

I wanted to confirm it with my very own eyeballs before saying anything…

Be sure to check out the spot for GoGreenMachine.Org on the inside front cover of Tales of the TMNT #64.

This is something we have been working with Dan to make happen since SDCC. It was supposed to happen a few issues ago, but didn’t, due to a mix up in PDF files going to the printer.

It isn’t very often that Mirage allows space for folks outside of their own into one of their books, and we are totally pleased to have gotten in before issue #70.

A HUGE thank you to Dan, Peter, Eric, Tristan, Jim, and the rest of the folks at Mirage. And of course a special thank you to Steve Lavigne for producing the GGM art that we love so much.

5 thoughts on “GoGreenMachine in Tales of the TMNT #64”

  1. –>> .. that’s nothin’ ..

    Stephan had me free-contracted out to the “Costumed Advertisers LLC” outta Pasadena .. with offices in Bankok, London, and Denver.

    Yeh,I got to go up to Denver on every third ROCKIES game.

    I gotta dress up as a big Gerbil with a Orange Bandanna caryin’ around a sign that said ” VISIT GGM . ORG or ELSE !” .

    I gotta get pelted with beers and crappy eight dollar pizza. The Triceratops mascot was always pickin’ on me and aiming the ball launcher at me and all the little kids kicked me in the knee caps.

    After all that abuse .. i am left to ponder ..

    – – but then the Triceratops launched the baseballs at my noggin’ during that last game’s intermittence.

    The ball cracked the Gerbil head and i was out cold for 1/2 day..

    i don’t remember much after that – – or what if anything i was pondering and the doctor said my long term mem- – — –

    Hey check out that awesome ad !! !! πŸ˜€

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