Party Wagon 1990 UK Release, Instructions and Sticker sheet

I came across these paper based couple of gems a couple of weeks ago whilst on the search for labels to restore an original Party Wagon release.

Here’s how our versions in Blighty turned out. Printed on UK A4 and A3 paper sizes respectively.

As far as I know (Hero Turtles logo aside) the labels are the same as the US release. We’d love to have feedback to confirm if there are any other differences.

sticker_sheet sheet_PW

Author: Hero_777

UK-Based, longterm TMNT enthusiast, proud parent and professional Santa Claus.

3 thoughts on “Party Wagon 1990 UK Release, Instructions and Sticker sheet”

  1. Hi! I was drawing for a personal project two stickers using your sheet as a reference (thanks!) and I have realized that the marks of die-cutting are slightly different (the blue part) than the ones that I am seeing on Ebay. I don’t know why but every Party wagon that I see has the outside die-cutting mark of Foot Stinks (for example) more inside than this. It happens the same thing with Boot the foot. Maybe they released two types of sheet or something?

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