RYAN BROWN'S " THE SELECTED " ..teaser (( Summer 2009 ))

RYAN BROWN'S " THE SELECTED " teaser poster (( Summer 2009 ))

The Selected, created by Ryan Brown.
☠ ☠

{ Mutanimals the Next Generation }

Ryan Brown – Story and layouts

Fernando Leon Gonzalez – Pencils,inks & colors

Doug Brammer – script

“No stranger to turtles, Mr Brammer wrote a few TMNTA books for Archie back in the 90’s and a Tales of the TMNT back-up story.
He is returning to script “The Selected” in the same inimitable style that he used for the Archie Turtles Adventures series!

’nuff said! (for now) ”

Ryan Brown

Author: tOkKa

tOkKa :: infamous snapper, hench-mutant, & bungle-brain ,beakie-buzzard,snappin' snap-head ..n' chow-chump,enemy of Ninja Turtles. A invertible anomaly in the TMNT fandom unto himself. As a schizophrenic Pop-artist ; tOkKa ..:: Fan-fave ,shunn-'ED'/ lauded by masses, Misunderstood by high percentages.. a cult following has developed by the guy that just doesn't seem to fit into any single category Never-mind his 'Foot Fetish' @ terrible2z.com .. !! "Quoting Macbeth since 1991.."

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  1. Definitely intrigued. I’ve always like the different mutanimals, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.

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