And now, a “Turtles Forever” Sneak Peek…

Evening all!

This beautious little gem was mentioned upon a forum near and dear, and thought it was best to share it here as well.

This Short Preview courtesies of is a great snapshot of Old Toon juxtaposed to New toon.The animators really did a great job of bringing our old school crew back to life. I laughed out loud at this clip, and hearing ‘Reneday’s’ voice just made my day.

If I can talk Stephan into getting this embedded, we’ll have it showing on here ASAP.

EDIT: Embedded! I also fixed the misspelling of my name 😛 -Steph

EDIT:Ok, I actually disabled the embedding for this post because the player they used auto plays every time you load the page and it’s driving me up the wall! -Steph


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4 thoughts on “And now, a “Turtles Forever” Sneak Peek…”

  1. Pete laird proposed an idea like for the comics way back in the day and i wish we had done it. It would have been a fun issue. After seeing this clip i really do miss the goofy fun turtles i use to play with.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I’m dying to see the film in it’s entirety. From what I saw this looks truly great!

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