“THE NERVE” – Project :: World AIDS Day 2010; Kick’n it with Leo !!

"THE NERVE" - Project :: Leonardo, 'NERVE' style

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** S-cap, The Southern Colorado AIDS Project
” Today’s a day to take action.

Talk about HIV prevention with your friends and family. If you’ve engaged in high risk behaviors, get tested for HIV and most importantly, support those living with HIV and AIDS with your compassion and understanding ..

Why Get tested…

HIV testing is integral to HIV prevention, treatment, and care efforts. Knowledge of one’s HIV status is important for preventing the spread of disease. Testing provides an opportunity for people to receive counseling and information about risk reduction, and many who learn they are HIV positive modify their behavior to reduce the risk of HIV
transmission. Early knowledge of HIV status is also important for linking those who are HIV positive to medical care and services that can reduce morbidity and mortality and improve quality of life.

In August 2008, CDC published the first national HIV incidence (new infections) estimates using new technology and methodology that more directly measure the number of new HIV infections in the United States. The first analyses, published in the August 6, 2008 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), showed that in 2006, an estimated 56,300 new HIV infections occurred – a number that is substantially higher than the previous estimate of 40,000 annual new infections.

According to the CDC,
HIV Prevention in the US
is at a Critical Crossroad

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 "THE NERVE" - Project :: World AIDS Day 2010 { Leo - Wallpaper }

National Awareness Foundation  "Hugs Not Drugs" promo pamphlet, Club membership order / donation form .. i (( 1993 ))

National Awareness Foundation “Hugs Not Drugs” promo pamphlet, Club membership order / donation form (( 1993 ))

National Awareness Foundation  "Hugs Not Drugs" promo pamphlet, Club membership order / donation form .. ii (( 1993 ))

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