This Single Father.

I know of this single father.

He’s not a spring chicken, possibly not a legal immigrant, had to leave his loved ones behind and probably has a warrant on his head from where he fled.

This single father has lived in isolation for the best part of 16 years and on top of that adopted 4 boys raised from babies each with their own quirks and personalities. One of the boys is a hothead, the other possibly has high functioning ADHD, one is a keen learner and the other a more introverted soul who wants to create alone. This single father raised these boys alone through their developing quirks and personalities over time, all with no help from social services, hardcore homeschooling and no co-parent to tag in for an afternoon nap. These boys were raised with culture, learning to defend what’s right, and in the eyes of future friends turned out ‘just fine’.

There would come a day where those boys would want to venture out from their hiding place and make their names in this world. That single father grudgingly knew he couldn’t keep on those training wheels on his sons forever. Those 4 boys turned out to be the most resilient dynamic of brothers who could easily deal with anything lifes adventures had to throw at them. They had each other’s ‘backs’ and could always turn to their now older single dad (when he’s not watching American soaps on TV) in times of need. Not bad for kids raised in hiding.

That single dad probably had to so much to complaint about. That single dad lost the woman he loved and was robbed of his life back home, forced to live in unidealistic housing, but, in the long run still gained a unique family dynamic that would protect the weak and punish the oppressive.

On top of that, this single dad had to deal with an accidental life change to overcome.

He was a mutant… Half rat in fact. That single dad’s humanity remained and prevailed regardless. He was a great teacher and a great dad regardless of circumstance.

As for those 4 boys.
Most people know the rest.

Hamato Yoshi, otherwise known as Master Splinter. We raise a pizza slice to you.



Author: Hero_777

UK-Based, longterm TMNT enthusiast, proud parent and professional Santa Claus.