UK Round Up Jan 2016

Hero’s back with some tidbits from the land of Blighty!

TMNT Megabloks Blindbags s1 are now surfacing at £2.99 each, and have so far only been found in Smyths stores. There is no idea yet when the first wave of toys will surface yet, but Spring is a good assumption.

IMG_9513On a personal note, I imported in the Baxter’s Laboratory Set from Amazon US. In short I am very impressed with the MegaBloks handling of the TMNT brand so far. It had a reasonably good run with Lego, but now the construction is under new management. I hope merry ol’ England and neighboring Europe does not have to wait too long for TMNT Mega Bloks!

Rob WIlson has reported in with some ASDA figure finds including: Mutant Shredder 2-pack, Mondo Gecko, Savage Mikey and the Casey Slamboni vehicle/figure set.

Rob_Pic1On the subject of ASDA, their exclusive 2-packs featuring Raph VS Shredder, Mikey VS Rocksteady and Leo VS Bebop have all been reduced from £17 to £12 each. On the flipside, rival store Tesco are offering basic assortment figures at a reduced £7 each. January bargains galore!

With a new episode from Season 4 set to air and lots of positive feedback from the internet fanbase regarding the new MegaBloks this has been a positive weekend for TMNT! May 2016 bring in many more.

Out of the Shadows is only 139 Days away.


Author: Hero_777

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