UK Tesco Exclusive, Combat Packs.

Check out our exclusive gallery of the recently surfaced UK Tesco Exclusive 2-pack TMNT figures. Click on an image to enlarge.

**Polite Note** Please do not reuse these images without GGM credit/permission.


mutagenman_close leo_close fishface_close mikey_back1 mikeyvsfishface2 leovsmutagenman2 mutagenman_fishface1 leo_mikey1 group_1 leo3 fishfacevsleo mutagenman_3 mutagenman_2 mutagenman_1 fishface_3 fishface_2 mikeyvsfishface1 mikey1 fishface_1 leo1

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  1. Found these guys in South Africa about a week or so before you shared this post, couldn’t find any info online so thanks so much for sharing, did not realize they were an exclusive, very happy they managed to get some here in SA somehow. ( if you would like to have a look at the review video –

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