Worlds of Wonder : ‘ The TALKING Snoopy ‘ (( 1988 ))

–>> This charming ol’ T.V. spot for cassette based,‘ The TALKING Snoopy ‘ features the soft and friendly voice of none other than Cam Clarke ( Leonardo’s voice talent from the original TMNT animated series ).

Snoopy!! The Musical
Snoopy!! The Musical

Cam’s no stranger to Broadway, as you may know. And appearing in the late 1980s, around the same time the original Turtles show was just getting started- Cam provided the vocal and singing talents to famous beagle in the televised “Snoopy!!! The Musical”, animated adaptation of the stage show. I think it’s safe to conclude that’s why Cam’s voice was also featured in the amazing little, electronic gem to represent the legendary Charles Shultz’s most popular creation.

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2 thoughts on “Worlds of Wonder : ‘ The TALKING Snoopy ‘ (( 1988 ))”

  1. I really would’ve wish Cam Clarke redubbed Snoopy’s dialogue if all the Peanuts specials were re-released on television by having Snoopy speak that’s the real true to the character instead of having him utterly mute he’s not a pantomine character okay, like Garfield I wish Snoopy was better by having him talk by having more sense than just mute.

  2. I agree with you, because when we see Snoopy as a non-talking character on television in the Peanuts specials that’s not the real Snoopy we know it’s just so annoying and he’s not fashionable, Cam Clarke gave Snoopy the ‘real’ true voice by making him more likeable and loveable than having the hip beagle a pantomine character in case whether he’s rude to Charlie Brown or everybody else that destroy the character, Snoopy does way worked better Charles Schulz just couldn’t think of what Snoopy would sound like, and didn’t want it to look like Snoopy was talking to the kids, since being a dog, Snoopy can’t talk. Bill Melendez did get around this, having Snoopy laugh and occasionally growl out “Yipes!”, “Yipe!” or “HEY!” which he did a great job – but to lovers of the Peanuts comic strip whether Snoopy’s grunting he is so utterly terrible which didn’t worked for everybody. There’s even a funny scene in one of the Saturday morning shows where Snoopy “talks” to Pepermint Patty on the phone by sort of growling quietly as if he was saying something, when she invited him to a “turnabout” dance. Schulz’s insistence that Snoopy can’t talk actually lost him a second Saturday Morning series about Snoopy and his brothers and sisters as kids, possibly titled The Daisy Hill Puppies. He had done about five or so scripts for it, then CBS told him that Snoopy and the other dogs should talk. Schulz never liked to take other people’s ideas, so that ended that project, I would love to see the Peanuts gang back more polished as soon as Craig Schulz is finished the rest of the 50s’ and 60s’ Peanuts comic strips into animated specials, then we will see brand new Peanuts specials back to the more Peanuts way, I don’t like the 60s’ Peanuts designs that took over now like the Metlife commercial now that kills us so for fans of the more polished Peanuts gang stay away from the 60s’ Peanuts designs and stick to them the way they are.

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