All-Orange Wave 2 Mutagen released in the UK

Wave 2 Mutagen Ooze has hit the UK! (sort of).

tesco ooze

This second wave of all-orange ooze (as a nod to retro mutagen no doubt) has different shade repaints of the mini turtles from wave 1.

Unlike the bandana colors of the American release, the mini turtles are still different shades of green. Although, this wave has an exclusive ‘chase figure’ of sorts with a Golden Turtle!

US wave 1 Leo on Left, UK Wave 2 Leo on Right

The Golden Turtle is part of a competition and promotion with Nickelodeon UK to win prizes and a vacation to Greece! The orange ooze canisters have only been found in Tesco stores and are likely an exclusive.


Punters who don’t find the Golden Turtle can still enter the competition via a promo code that every canister comes with. The promo code with The Golden Turtle is to prove authenticity.

Competition closes midnight (GMT) October 31st.

Author: Hero_777

UK-Based, longterm TMNT enthusiast, proud parent and professional Santa Claus.