#TurtleHuntUK – “Out of the Shadows” promotion

logo_UKWith the UK screening Out of the Shadows slightly earlier than the US (May 30th); promotions have already begun with Paramount running a huge competition to find life-sized Leonardo statues around the country.



Turtle fans, here’s your chance to win an amazing trip to NYC for 2 people!

The “Turtle Hunt” is an amazing competition in celebration of the upcoming film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Looking to spend 4 nights at a really cool 4* hotel in the New York City with some action packed days? Or perhaps a private parkour lesson in a state of the art custom built, obstacle course and a thrilling helicopter ride around the New York skyline to see some of the city’s most famous monuments? Oh and if that wasn’t enough, we are also throwing in tickets to an NBA game at Madison Square Garden including an access all areas backstage tour.

To enter for a chance to win, follow these steps:

  1. Find the life-size Leonardo statue in one of the following locations.
    • Saturday 27th February – London – London Eye
    • Sunday 28th February – London – Comicon outside main entrance
    • Monday 29th February – Southampton – Bargate Square
    • Tuesday 1st March – Cardiff – St Davids Mill Lane
    • Wednesday 2nd March – Birmingham – The Bull Ring
    • Thursday 3rd March – Manchester – St Anne’s Square
    • Friday 4th March – Glasgow – Royal Concert Hall
  2. Take a fun photo with it and upload it to Twitter using #TurtleHuntUK in your Tweet.
  3. We’ll pick the photo that has the most ‘Turtle’ fun as our Winner – and we want to see how many ‘Likes’ you get too – so get out there, get hunting and get your friends involved!!


Nick UK, Ciro Nieli competition and interviews.

Prize3“Ello, Guv’Na!”

This is Ringo the British Turtle. Sketched by Ciro Nieli at Nickelodeon’s London headquarters. If you reside in the UK you can win this exclusive sketch (and additional goodies) by entering the competition at nick.co.uk/ciro .

The competition closes on October 23rd, so don’t hesitate to enter!

The competition is also accompanied by a series of exclusive UK-based video shorts with Ciro as well. These are definitely worth watching!

What if the Turtles were British?! One of the videos covers that very question.

All-Orange Wave 2 Mutagen released in the UK

Wave 2 Mutagen Ooze has hit the UK! (sort of).

tesco ooze

This second wave of all-orange ooze (as a nod to retro mutagen no doubt) has different shade repaints of the mini turtles from wave 1.

Unlike the bandana colors of the American release, the mini turtles are still different shades of green. Although, this wave has an exclusive ‘chase figure’ of sorts with a Golden Turtle!

US wave 1 Leo on Left, UK Wave 2 Leo on Right

The Golden Turtle is part of a competition and promotion with Nickelodeon UK to win prizes and a vacation to Greece! The orange ooze canisters have only been found in Tesco stores and are likely an exclusive.


Punters who don’t find the Golden Turtle can still enter the competition via a promo code that every canister comes with. The promo code with The Golden Turtle is to prove authenticity.

Competition closes midnight (GMT) October 31st.

Party & Paper Retailer,v.XXIX NO.1 // “TURTLES RULE!” ..mailing cover (( January 2014 ))

Party & Paper Retailer,v.XXIX NO.1 // "TURTLES RULE!" ..alternate cover (( January 2014 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

✮ ✮

** Party & Paper Retailer is a national multimedia business magazine and website that provides the latest products and trends for the party, Halloween, costume, balloon, bridal and celebrations industries.”

–>> This actually is a mailing-label ‘alternate cover’ .. a removable piece of paper gently applied to the regular cover of the magazine. The real cover has a “JAZZY JEZEBEL” on it; a lovely “flapper” girl in a semi-risque 1920s – style costume.

Rubie’s Costumes among other companies feature in the magazine. Rubie’s acquired the TMNT License a little over a year ago as you may have seen as recently as this past Halloween. They also feature this “HALLOWEEN & PARTY EXPO” trade-ad spread with all their current and upcoming licenses for costumes and the like.

Party & Paper Retailer,v.XXIX NO.1 // RUBIE'S COSTUME Co.;"ALL THE PIECES - " (( January 2014 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

✮ ✮

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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: "MERRY MONTY CHRISTMOOSE" .. pencils by Bruce Hatten, colors & inks by Ryan Brown  (( 2013 ))

** THE TOYS THAT TIME FORGOT has announced Ryan Brown’s December Merry Monty Christmoose Contest WINNERS !!

  • They are:
    1st Prize – Original Monty Moose Artwork with COA
    James E. Brewer
  • 2nd Prize-Autographed Monty Moose action figure with COA
    Omar Rivera
  • 3rd Prize- signed print with COA
    Joshua Fletcher

All prizes will be shipped within the next couple weeks.


✮ ✮

This past Thursday; **KidROBOT released these teaser images via their ***facebook page ; so it would appear that KR has acquired the Nick TMNT license for  vinyl toys and the like to add too their diverse Designer Artist, comic, and T.V. show licenses.

tOkKustom :: "Marshall Moo Montana" ; KIDROBOT 'RAFFY' i  tOkKustom :: "OLD HOB" ; KIDROBOT 'TRIKKY'  xi / ..with  NECA 'Batsu ' - TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES

I’ll try to keep up with this as i can for you, for obvious reasons. Pretty exciting !!

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Workin FAN’S UPDATE :: Burnham & BAXTER ,tmnt-ninjaturtles.com Collection coming soon, TMNT – OUT OF THE SHADOWS BETA. related , TOKKA v. Ross Cambell – you can win !!


–>> Calm down, **HOB .. i’ll give ya a round up of the news if you’ll get off my back !! Maybe this lowdown on your former boss Dr.Bax will cheer ya up from CBR :: ***Burnham Dissects Classic Villain in “TMNT: Baxter Stockman” ..er, maybe not. Thanks, Tom.

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Well in case you’re a workin’ fan and / or are just getting to the comic shop to pick up your stash of books or in Hob’s case, cat-nip ( medicinal use ONLY ) ..

..here’s Rich’s quick check-list for what’s left of  MARCH ’13 and what may be waiting for you. ::



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Finally we got this ol’ guy whom ya know and loathe  ..

tOkKa v. Ross Campbell :: ROUND 2;  ' t2z-13; SAVANTI ROMERO '

..an artistic clash between fan favourite and Wet Moon & TMNT vet **Ross Campbell & the much reviled ***TOKKA.

You can win this .. stay tuned !! >:)

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