** GGM Website issues Status Update **


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–>> Hey, Guys.

Sorry for the down time, it appears there is still some connectivity issues the site is struggling with. We’ve been trying to figure it out since April. That explains the lack of updates on the main site here and spotty availability of specific and individual posts when you use a search engine like Google or Bing. You can still access those random posts. But going directly to GOGREENMACHINE.ORG leads to a blank page. We’ll have to work around it.

New individual posts should be available via direct hyperlink — so Tokka will catch up on news aggregation while Stephen looks directly into the WordPress issue thru another party.

Lots to cover, so i’ll jump on it as soon as i can, I’ll see if Hero can help too.

Thanks so much for the patience !!

~ t

Ninja Turtles UK DVD release Feb 2015

Two months from today UK-based fans will get to own the 2014 movie on DVD.

Amazon already have a pre-order here. The Blu-Ray and 3D versions are also set for the same release date.



So far, there have been no known promotion offers as of yet to coincide with the release. Time will tell, however.

Free Comic Book Day – The People, the comics…. the hail?!

It has been a wild couple of weeks…

Free Comic Book Day not only was the annual comic giveaway across the country, but it was also the 30th anniversary for the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I was fortunate to be around for the special Eastman & Laird reunion and signing events for both Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH and Shellback Artworks in Wells, ME.


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** INJURY **

Cod'en-mah beekuh..• •


–>> Real quick update guys and post FCBD update and apologies for the lack of postings here.

Tokka has been injured and recovering; i was struck by a 5th motorized vehicle in my lifetime while biking home the day prior to FCBD ( ’bout over a week ago now )


.. so been a  little under the weather while my broken hand and ankle are mending.

We’re playing catch-up here  – -so thanks for your patience.


~ t

Book Review: Raise Some Shell, by Richard Rosenbaum

Hello Turtle Fans!

With all of the upcoming new TMNT movie chatter, and the popularity of the current Nickelodeon show and the comics, there is a renewed interest in learning more about the franchise and it’s history. There seems to be a number of mini-books popping up ‘analyzing’ tmnt and it’s history. Don’t fill your kindle just yet, though… Continue reading “Book Review: Raise Some Shell, by Richard Rosenbaum”