tOkKA’s “CEREAL GEEK” publicity stunt ..

tOkKA's "CEREAL GEEK" publicity stunt ..

Cereal Geek Issue #4’s  hot listing in February’s PREVIEWS springs into SPRING with supposed  April ***cereal geek solicitation.

Hit up and ask your local comic book retailer about C.G. now !! !!

“The magazine has been “certified COOL”; which is defined on Diamond’s website as “[publications that are] so cool that they deserve to be singled out” and “will broaden your entertainment experience and the industry” – With that kind of praise I may even buy a copy! 🙂 – As before, please command your local comic shop to order cereal:geek, and continue to spread the word .. “

*** “..and be sure to order the Super Famous, Uber Limited CG :: SHE-RA poster..” ***

..all the Fan Boys in the Horde already ordered theirs and Adora’s pretty, pink facade is already gracing the Fright Zone locker rooms, so there’s prolly like two left.

Good luck with that one !!

.. C.G. issue 6 due in the next few quarters !! !!

~ t

Cereal:geek - animation of the eighties issue 6 ::   back cover by Various (( 2010 ))