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An interesting, controversial, suspicious and speculative bit on Digger’s THE OTHER DEAD ::

“The creators of “The Other Dead” are three heavy-hitters in the comic industry: Joshua Ortega (Gears of War), Digger T. Mesch (Agent 88), and Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). The cover is also the work of a well-known comic book illustrator, Dave Dorman.

Suddenly, though, there’s a hitch in the publisher’s plans to release the comic on the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America, and you’ll never guess why: a moth infestation.”


**U.S. Customs’ Delays 9/11 Release Of An Obama Zombie-Killing Comic Book Cover For Political Reasons** via MR.CONSERVATIVE


Rocky Mountain comic bits for the rest of the month from Rich ::

September, 2013


Dear all,
In order to get issues 11 and 12 of cereal:geek printed I need roughly 45 pre-orders of each issue! 🙂
You can pre-order the issues together:
OR you can buy them separately:
And to be honest, 131415, and 16 aren’t far behind either…
And if you have yet to purchase issues 9 and 10 then please do so, and show your love for cereal:geek – The magazines (which are now printed) will be posted immediately! 🙂

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Rest easy with the TURTLES.** TMNT  DREAM LITES @ TRU **

..of note, an interesting & weird Turtle license as of late are the uber-cute and ‘RETRO’ styled Turtle DREAM LITES assortment. TMNT & Hello Kitty apparently are among the first licensed franchises to be adapted to the popular “starry night-light” stuffed animal assortment. Interesting how they utilize the ‘Retro’ styling to the mainly children’s product. H’m ..what a great way for kids and adult TMNT fans to bond; and maybe even to provide some comfort from the dark for the littlest of fans ( or nerdiest of MEGA-FANS   >;B  ..   j/k ).

Grow Turtles ..another oddball courtesy of John S. ::

Coming out of their shells: keep your eyes peeled for obscure items like these at your local dollar stores. Water Grow Turtles, Dollar General in SC, $4


** Courtesy of TOYARK & thanks to Ken ::


Hurrijack over at ***The Technodrome has posted new photos of Ninja Turtles listings recently found in store computers(Walmart?). These reveal several upcoming figures, some role play items and a few vehicles. Some interesting figures are listed:

  • Mutagen Man
  • Rahzar
  • Kirby Bat
  • Casey Jones
  • Bebop
  • Rocksteady
  • Tiger Claw
  • Slash

Note that these listings are for the current cartoon toyline, not for the Classics line. We’ve attached the photos of the listings so read on to check them out.


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Working Fan’s Update :: DIGGER T MESCH’s THE OTHER DEAD, Cereal Geek 9-16, Organized IDW TMNT Publications, et. al.

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–>> Psycho Summer is over “BACK” to school n’ trying to get back to round-ups of the most imperative news. We’ll focus on the comics and related front for this postin’, Hun – cuz there’s just so much going on .. Tokka’s beaky brain is hurtin’ so much cuz he’s so overwhelmed while he’s workin’ too hard !!

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**** THE OTHER DEAD ISSUE # 1 The Zombie Animal Epic Launches at MELTDOWN COMICS, MELTDOWN FB event ****


DIGGER T MESCH (MINIMATES, AGENT 88) and BLOND (BATMAN) will be signing from 4 til 7


Buy a signed book/Open Bar available after signing!

Written by JOSHUA ORTEGA (Gears of War) from a film treatment by DIGGER T MESCH (Agent 88, Art Asylum), “The Other Dead” is a six-issue miniseries examining what happens when a mysterious infection causes every single member of the animal kingdom to turn into blood-thirsty, ultra-strong zombies and attack an unsuspecting human populace. Interior artist QING PING MUI, master colorist BLOND and cover art from The Mighty KEVIN EASTMAN, co-creator of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” round out “The Other Dead” creative team.

People have been arguing for years whether zombies should walk or run and this September you can add flying, swimming, hopping and slithering to that debate as IDW Publishing unleashes zombie animal hordes in “The Other Dead.”

What’s the premise of “The Other Dead?”

Joshua Ortega: At the highest level, two words: Zombie. Animals. “The Other Dead” is the world’s first zombie animal epic, exploring what happens when the animal kingdom is turned into a horde of flesh-eating monsters.

As far as the story goes, a monstrous hurricane — even worse than Katrina — is about to hit southern Louisiana just as the Vice President is killed during an outbreak of a mysterious infection that’s turning all animals into ravenous, cold-blooded killers.

Into this mix is thrown our eclectic cast of characters: Tommy Romero, a 10-year old cancer survivor who’s struggling with his faith and belief in life; Azrael, Tommy’s older brother and a member of the Norwegian-like death metal band, Decapitated; Justina Abelinda Cortez, Az’s girlfriend who’s an exotic dancer and a Puerto Rican bruja/witch; Chet Wayne, a racist ex-Army Ranger who’s been preparing for the apocalypse for years; and Barack Obama — yes, the actual president of the United States — who ends up in the eye of the storm, dealing not only with the hurricane but the zombie animal outbreak as well.




In short: EIGHT new issues – 800 new pages of content! 🙂
As some of you may have heard issues nineten ( OUT NOW ), eleventwelvethirteenfourteenfifteen, AND sixteen of cereal:geek are ready for pre-ordering – I hid myself away for a good few months earlier this year and FOCUSED like I’d never focused before…and the result was eight brand new issues full of content! 🙂
  .. ..   — JAMES EATOCK
..courtesy of ADAM W...ISSUE 10’s cover feature focus’s on TMNT SUPERMAN LEGEND – with awesome art and anime-article coverage by James himself sourced in part, for the first time ever by the Snapper you know n’ Loath ..  TOKKA !!
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Catching up to your IDW TURTLES books like Tokka ??
Come’on ..we know some of ya are out there. GGM recognizes you hard workin’ Turtle Super-FANS matter n’ count just as many as the SUPER-NERDS workin’ for the big SUPER-NERD sites.

“Greetings TMNT fans!!  IDW has been publishing the TMNT for nearly 2 full years (can you believe it?) and with every month that passes, the IDW TMNT cover gallery grows larger and larger.  As the IDW TMNT database expands, the blog format has really made the usability a bit cumbersome.  In other words, it’s become very difficult to find a given TMNT title, issue, TPB, or HC on my blog…especially those TMNT publications from months and months back.

Well, all that is over now.  I’m pleased to announce that I’ve organized all the IDW TMNT Publications on my blog into 3 categories:  Comic Books, Trade Paperbacks (TPB), and Hardcovers (HC).  Within each of those categories you’ll find a list of every IDW TMNT Publication to date, neatly organized by title.  Within each title you’ll find the links to every single issue for that title, listed in order of publication date.

All of this newly designed awesomeness can be found on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the blog.  The menu is labeled “IDW TMNT Publications.”  Just mouse over the menu and watch the magic happen!” –RICH

Here’s Rich’s run-down on the last of the third quarter & the beginning of the 4th on what you may already have or have yet to collect !! ::
August, 2013

07TMNT Artobiography; TMNT #22 2nd printing

21TMNT New Animated Adventures #2; TMNT Villain Micro-Series #5 Karai

28TMNT #25; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 100-Penny Press; TMNT Animated, Vol. 2 TPBSeptember, 2013

11TMNT Villain Micro-Series #6 Hun

18TMNT New Animated Adventures #3; TMNT Classics, Vol. 6 TPB

25TMNT #26October, 2013

02TMNT Ultimate Collection, Vol. 5 HC; TMNT Color Classics: The Works, Vol. 2 HC; Tales of the TMNT, Vol. 3 TPB

09TMNT New Animated Adventures #4

16TMNT, Vol. 6: City Fall, Part 1 TPB

23TMNT #27

30TMNT Villain Micro-Series #7 Bebop & Rocksteady; TMNT 25th Anniversary HC

November, 2013

06TMNT Classics, Vol. 7 TPB; TMNT Color Classics, Vol. 2 #1

13TMNT Villain Micro-Series, Vol. 1 TPB; TMNT New Animated Adventures #5

20TMNT #28

27TMNT Villain Micro-Series #8 Shredder

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** cereal:geek issue two REPRINT kickstarter; 3 DAYS LEFT !! **

"mutant ninja turtles" by Oscar Celestini for cereal:geek  (( 2010 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

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Killer C-GEEK incentives !! :: CG.PDFs, SUPER BUNDLES, HE-MAN guides, Exclusive He-MAN & TURTLES prints, Original artwork, audio commentaries and MORE !!!!



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“I’ve been self-publishing cereal:geek magazine since the beginning of 2007. It is a 100 page glossy magazine (with NO ads) dedicated to showcasing the cartoons of the eighties. The writers and artists that contribute to cereal:geek bring with them exclusive content (none of this material has been printed in any other media before).

Issue two was originally published in the second quarter of 2007 and has been out of print ever since. As only 1000 copies were originally printed it is incredibly hard to obtain. So here I am, seeing if Kickstarter is a viable means to see if there is a demand for issue two…and maybe at the same time introduce some new people to the world of cereal:geek!


Issue two covers the subject of magic and science throughout the cartoons of the eighties. The main article covers many shows including Dungeons & Dragons, He-Man, She-Ra, Thundarr the Barbarian, and ThunderCats, detailing how each of them utilized magic and science to tell their stories. Jack Olesker reveals how he balanced magic and science on The New Adventures of He-Man. Another article explains how after the sci-fi-heavy first season of The Transformers the show began to delve into the realm of magic. Visionaries and Centurions (both overlooked shows) are covered. And Robert Lamb explains how magic and science worked during his time on He-Man and She-Ra. Aside from those lengthy articles there is also an in-depth history of the much-celebrated animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, the changes found in MASK’s season two are highlighted, the Top Ten cartoon transformations are listed, the Rocky films are reworked as an animated series, the love triangle in the Jem series is questioned, a page full of Galaxy Rangers trivia is featured, the amazing origin story of Smurfette is revealed, and much, much more! Other shows covered include Defenders of the Earth, Galaxy High School, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Thunderbirds 2086.” .. ..


**JAMES EATOCK; animator, cartoonist, writer, noted He-Man Historian , CG publisher , and official audio commentator on HE-MAN & the MOTU, Dungeons & Dragons, and THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS.

tOkKA’s “CEREAL GEEK” publicity stunt ..

tOkKA's "CEREAL GEEK" publicity stunt ..

Cereal Geek Issue #4’s  hot listing in February’s PREVIEWS springs into SPRING with supposed  April ***cereal geek solicitation.

Hit up and ask your local comic book retailer about C.G. now !! !!

“The magazine has been “certified COOL”; which is defined on Diamond’s website as “[publications that are] so cool that they deserve to be singled out” and “will broaden your entertainment experience and the industry” – With that kind of praise I may even buy a copy! 🙂 – As before, please command your local comic shop to order cereal:geek, and continue to spread the word .. “

*** “..and be sure to order the Super Famous, Uber Limited CG :: SHE-RA poster..” ***

..all the Fan Boys in the Horde already ordered theirs and Adora’s pretty, pink facade is already gracing the Fright Zone locker rooms, so there’s prolly like two left.

Good luck with that one !!

.. C.G. issue 6 due in the next few quarters !! !!

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Cereal:geek - animation of the eighties issue 6 ::   back cover by Various (( 2010 ))

“Cereal:geek – animation of the eighties” – in the January 2010 issue of PREVIEWS (( pg.318 ))

"Cereal:geek - animation of the eighties" - in the January 2010 issue of PREVIEWS (( pg.318 ))

“Cereal:geek – animation of the eighties” – in the January 2010 issue of PREVIEWS (( pg.318 ))

**”Cereal:geek – animation of the eighties”

☠ ☠

–>> Tokka is proud to support the international cult hit mag that is C.G. breathing fresh life to the decade of T.V. animation that changed EVERYTHING for decades to come !! And redefining the cartoon shows you only thought you knew !! Seriously !! !!

Going on strong into it’s third year of publication, the terribly hard to find C.G #’s 2 & 3 have hit PREVIEWS and are en route to your fave comic shop and comic solicitor .. be sure to check out this January 2010’s C.G. spot and support the phenom located on page 318 !! Order, up and tell your friends !!

** “In the mean time, also check out he affordable PDF samplers available for download now on BUSTA TOON’S MAIN CEREAL GEEK SITE to see what magical wonders you been missin’ !! !! !!

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