☃ ☃ 12252016 :: HAPPY HOLIDAYS ..☃ ☃

12252016 :: HAPPY HOLIDAYS ..


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–>> Happy holidays, gang. Playing catch-up here. The final quarter of 2016 was really rough on lots of us. Here’s to may more healthy 2017, with positive\ity, love, respect for the planet and each other. I know it ain’t easy, but trying is also half of THAT battle. More reoccurring news aggregation and updates start soon. Sorry for the lapse.


**Here’s a special update from Randy and your friends at NECA ..

NECA :: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: "DONATELLO" 1990 Movie 1/4 scale / ..Twitter peek - with LEONARDO (( 2016 )) [[ Courtesy of NECA ]]


More later, have a peaceful night !!


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GO GO GREEN MACHINE .. – – – Rangers..

tOkKa's San Diego Cranial combustion 2009  ::  Stephan Reese of  'Disney Interactive' & Go Green Machine , Kevin Eastman  & tOkKa

–>> Stephan Reese gets around, keeping the TMNT jive alive with the founding of this powerful G.G.M. Network and making his way onto the TMNT T.O.S. Season 7 DVD special feature : A Shellebration of a Fan-Nomenon Sensation: Devoted and Die-Hard TMNT Fans Speak!

It takes an insane amount of ingenuity to pull all this stuff together and keep it going and i’m not always sure how he keeps his brain on track and focused to do such amazing things. A true ‘ Leonardo ‘ from a certain point of view.

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 25th Anniversary: Season 7  - PART 4 DVD clamshell  // signed by 'Special Features' Fans - Michelle Ivey & Stephan Reese of  'Disney Interactive' (( 2009 ))

Digging a little deeper,  you can find out some pretty interesting things within’ your friends ‘creative ambitions and drive.

"GOGREENMACHINE.ORG" Mascot Staff t-shirt, signed by graphic illustrator & TMNT vet Steve Lavigne ii (( 2009 ))

Now here’s where it gets, yeh ‘ interesting’.

Like it or not, love it or hate it ::

** Goldar LIVES !! !! ♦ ♦

The Power Rangers franchise has not only a history of competitive marketing but collaborative television efforts with Mirage and TMNT . It’s a fact , Jack .

"Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger".. 恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー // Dora Tortoise ドーラトトイス ((M.M.P.R. = Shellshock)) [[Courtesy SuperSentai.com]]

Some of those effects are famous or infamous.

"Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" Paper Party Napkin by Unique..// style guide art by Mike Dooney (( 1998 ))

Some loathe the “Next Mutation” and some ( like me ) appreciate it for it’s fun and camp value.  Some people need to understand that it is part of a bigger picture, heck even Power Rangers in general. You may or may not recall the insane “POWER RANGERS IN SPACE / TMNT ” Team-uo from 1997. But that’s a different post within’ itself.

Saban produced both shows as you may know. In 2001, Saban and it’s properties were acquired by Disney as part of a sale from FOX and some of the former FOX KIDS properties .

That includes the ‘Ranger’ brand and the Next Mutation run of eps- most of the time under the subbranding of ‘ Jetix’ or just ‘ Disney’ anymore. I suppose that all depends on the region.

The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was an American adaptation of Toei’s Japanese tokusatsu Super Sentai Series 恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. That franchise itself in Japan began around 1977 !!

Bandai's Soul of Chogokin ..スパイダーマン GX-33 Spider-man and Leopaldon Robot  ..IZ GO  !!

To make your head spin even more, the format of the ‘ Giant Robot V. Big Monster ‘ originated in Toei’s スパイダーマン,Spider-Man tokusatsu show from 1978. It’s an even  longer story but this was a special arrangement by Toei and Marvel at the time.

Popy スパイダーマン  &  レオパルドン // Spider-man & Leopaldon Duo pack .. box front (( 1978 )) [[ Courtesy of Super Pigmaru Toys ]]

Basically the Japanese Spider-man show, in essence was the first ” POWER RANGERS” style program.

My father used to tell me about the ‘ Japan Spider-man’ when he came back home when i was small. This was when he was stationed over there in the Air Force. He also mentioned something about a robot.

I kinda wasn’t sure what to believe or if it was even true. But by the early 1990s i found some very rare and expensive “Leopaldon” ( Spider-man’s Robot ) at a trade show. My discovery that it all WAS TRUE what he was telling me hooked me the rest of my life.

My love for the American versions Power Rangers has been hit or miss. Taking most of it for what it is and enjoying it the best i can and not trying to make it hold up against the Japanese sources.

The fun video game history of the -Rangers has also been hit or miss. But for the most part they’ve had some cool little hits like the classic games on the SNES in the mid – 1990s.

One of the more enjoyable releases as of recent was the 15th anniversary ” POWER RANGERS: SUPER LEGENDS” . Marking the return of the evil fan – favourite Lord Zedd and the team up of 15 years of Classic Ranger Teams from Morphin-, Light Speed Rescue , Wild Force , ect. It’s a well thought out and very fun game !! Whatever the case, it’s a game i call a ‘ KEEPER ‘ .. meaning a game i cherish and is one of my favws ( Gee i sure got allot of ’em don’t i ?! ).

As it turns out, your good buddy Stephan Reese and the team leader here was part of the production of this little mini-marvel of a game.

"Power Rangers: Super Legends" - PS2 v. signed by production team member, Stephan Reese of  Disney Interactive  (( 2007 ))

The other week during CON Steph was kind enough to sign my copy for me. And i was in ZORDON Heaven.

Well i better clock – out .. sorry for the long arse article but i thought about 3 of you would appreciate that and find it kinda neat. Anyways .. I’m gettin a little manic and i got a migraine comin’ on so it’s Morphine Time ! !

Smell ya Later, Zord-oes..