** DIGGER T. MESCH presents : “AGENT 88 ” – Kay D’Arcy,Kevin Eastman, PETER MAYHEW,ERNIE REYES JR., + MORE **

★ ★

–>> OK, you TMNT guys n’ girls n’ gouls might wana take a close look at this.

** AGENT 88 **

Kay D’Arcy (CRIMINAL MINDS) stars as AGENT 88 ; Agent 88 is the story of the world’s deadliest assassin… an 88-year-old British woman on the verge of Alzheimers.

An eclectic cocktail of KILL BILL, CRANK and MR MAGOO, { and maybe one-part TMNT 😉 ~ t } AGENT 88 is a dark action comedy that meshes wry wit with cutting-edge martial arts action, slick visual effects and the conviction that……….”

Cameos and guest stars include Ninja Turtle icons like Kevin Eastman & Ernie Reyes Jr. !!


.. pledge as little as a buck; 18 bucks starts the ball rolling for special prizes & KILLER INCENTIVES GOODIES including Rare and special edition MINIMATES, Hoodies & Tees, DVD EXTRAS, & “Heavy Metal presents the ART OF 88” featuring AGENT work by KEVIN EASTMAN, SIMON BISLEY, DIGGER, SANTINO RAMOS,David Mack and more of an amazing mix of 88 high-profile artists ( n’ one highly suspectable Snapper n’ Foot Clan allegianciaire >;p   )  !!

Check it out n’ support, gang as the series reaches a boiling point for this one-of-a-kind ambitious n’ hilarious action romp from 88 Tranzmedia, Dig Deep Entertainment, Hurricane Entertainment and Red Earth Productions !!

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