“Look at Krang” ..art by DAVE GARCIA (( 2013 ))

"Look at Krang" ..art by DAVE GARCIA (( 2013 ))

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WALMART s.3 preview



  • In case ya missed it, ( Tokka did, I’m pathetic — )


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** Workin Fan’s UPDATE :: Springtime Figures slowly spreadin’ like WEEDS, D.J. Ro-DENT, Megan Fox goes red , Classics Micro LEO **


–>> Spring time means thing slowly start to turn “GREEN” ..on peoples’ lawns and on pegs..and the “WEEDS” are starting to pop up their ugly lil’ heads slowly too – so to “ROUND UP” ::

The famous Pixel Dan gives Snakey HIGH MARKS..


So yet again, like a broken record, Tokka’s gonna beg you to exercise patience & WAIT just a tad longer  – cuz as this pattern continuously shows .. the figures that do this rotation post ebay usually head over to the brick n’ mortar stores & online retailers like **Playmates’s Web Shop at much  more reasonable prices than at online auction. Of coarse, it’s up to you .. depending on your situation & how desperate you are. Oi .. !!


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–>> ..via the courtesy of KEN “HERO”

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Workin’ Fans’ Update :: Flingers & Ooze TMNT on pegs, pre-TOY FAIR surprises & Michael Bay

Hitting stores • •

–>>  Past several days, the REAL wave two & next set of deluxe figs of Nick’s TMNT have been hitting some stores slowly across North America .. and on **ebay.  Again, Tokka’s gona gently plead to use common sense and wait out the ridiculous prices some are charging on the ‘bay, unless your back is entirely against the wall or just so desperate for newest figs and money isn’t much an issue. Prices will stabilize once they hit brick and mortar stores and other online vendors like the good ol’ **BBTS.

But i know how it is, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do i guess.   :/

Looking carefully, and as yet unconfirmed ( Tokk just doesn’t get to do forum hoppin’ like he used to. UGH !! ~~ ** ) ..the Ooze line of teens may have removable noggins like their wave 1 counterparts.

If that’s the case, theory would lead one to believe you could swap the heads out if you wanted to make your Wave 1 TMNTs a little bit more show accurate than their initial sculpts.


** Pre-Toy Fair surprises & previews await on the Playmates official site including the return of some old friends in the basic and Classics waves of the coming months.


Now, according to ** TOYARK & Hurrijak of T-drome here’s a nice breakdown of what’s to come in plastron-plastic form and a few spoilers actually for the rest of season 1 ::

Cowabunga! Thanks to Hurrijak of the Technodrome forums, we have a list from Walmart computers showing listings for upcoming…..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2013 figures

  • Mutagen Ooze Leonardo
  • Mutagen Ooze Raphael
  • Mutagen Ooze Donatello
  • Mutagen Ooze Michaelangelo
  • Baxter Stockman
  • Leatherhead
  • Ratking
  • Snakeweed
  • Cockroach
  • Mouser 7 pack
  • Splinter 2
  • Shredder 2
  • Ninjas Don & Leo
  • Ninjas Mike & Raph
  • Stealth Leonardo
  • Stealth Raphael
  • Stealth Donatello
  • Stealth Michaelangelo
  • Spider Bytes
  • Newtralizer

Battle Shell Ninja Turtles($19.99) are also coming to Walmart. In addition, there are listings for new vehicles:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vehicles 2013

  • Ooze Sewer Cruiser
  • Ooze Drop Copter
  • Kraang Hover Drone
  • Turtle Motorcycle


A second version of Splinter and Saki on the docket gives hope for better sculpted & design versions of the Turtles’ essential supporting cast than their somewhat disappointing wave 1 entries.

Early design influences prompted the figures’ off looks last year i’m sure so let’s hope things shape up at least just a little bit better in ’13.

Cross you’re claws we won’t get let down. X{

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Looks like Michael Bay may be at it again, here’s our ol’ friend Josh C. ::

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But back to the small screen, a thing about rats..  it appears that a special showing of the next ep of TMNT “I, Monster” .. will hit Nick stations Friday January 25, 2013 !!


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** Metalhead, Dogpound, Fishface on card/due soon ; ‘HERO Turtles’ ..Return of the U.K. sensors **


–>> Some grubby ebay diggings show some grubby ebay listings for Metalhead, Fishface, and Dogpound in package, with slight paint variations than the prototypes shown earlier this year.

So let the manic ebay bidding begin, or the more sensible penny-pinching ..cuz if you wait just a week to 3 .. these guys will start showing up on pegs in brick and mortar or in more abundance online at more sensible prices. The choice, of coarse is yours.

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Waddingtons "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles" { TMNT } Card Game i  (( 1990 ))

Almost everyone knows by now the edits made by U.K. censors in the early 1990s to TMNT animation,movies, and related product lines. “HERO” Turtles was wildly successful none-the-less in spite of edits eliminating most of Michelangelo’s nunchuku skills and scenes & the word ‘ninja’ itself nearly altogether. This did create a bunch of uniquely labeled U.K. TMHT memorabilia – but still the edits went down in Turtle history as something infamous.

Across the Seas, GGM’s pal “HERO” chimes in with this with his recent viewing of the new NICK TMNT show in England ::

“Nick UK have edited out Mikey’s Kasurigama from the new show here. Crazy stuff.”

..interesting little bit, i guess what goes around comes around and in this case the censors return to the TMNT with a little vengeance.

Heh, just like old times !!

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