** 7 more days: Scottie Fields’s Blood Brothers FX Presents A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Film on idiegogo **

This is a TMNT “creature feature” fan film with practical effects. The way you remember it.

Blood Bros. ; EARLY 'BEBOP' look• •

Short Summary

  • With your help I will shoot a fan film featuring most of the more popular characters.    The film will be shot on digital but the creatures will use real animatronics.  Most of the characters will be guys in suits with some puppets and marionettes like the original films we all love and remember.

The Story

  • The story revolves around an epic battle that Raphael and Casey Jones have with Bebop and Rocksteady. As the fight ensues, more characters join the fray until the battle ends with an inter-dimensional standoff.

What We Need

  • We need 30,000 dollars to finish the creatures and build animatronics. We also need to cover minimal productions costs as well post production.

What You Get

  • Prop Replicas used in the film such as : The Casey Jones Mask and The Shredder Helmet to name a few.
  • This film will be made regardless. Any funds raised will be used solely for the production and the production only and ALL backers will receive their perks no matter what.

The Impact

  • Your Contributions will help keep practical effects alive and inspire others to do the same.

** Scottie Fields’s Blood Brothers FX Presents A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Film **

–>> A little late on this, however – GGM has an exclusive shot of the early BEBOP tactical costume used for BLOOD BROS.

*** 7 more days to go on indiegogo !! You can help Scott out on this fan-made and home made dream project.

And unlike the unforgiving Kickstarter campaign to raise funds, every dollar donated ( even if  is going to Scottie’s cause to create this incredible short, unlike anything in fim for TMNT we’ve ever seen before !!  **


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