** “Put KENO in the New TMNT Movie” **



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–>> **Amidst Michael Bay’s plea for calm .. amongst the committed Turtle-Fans concerns over the next film ..your ol’ pal Ernie Reyes Jr. has been crazy busy as a power-hungry scientist !!


The Madcap Martial Artist, Actor, Instructor , Choreographer,  n’ stuntman ( ect. ) has taken on new the task as comic book writer with none-other than **Jim Lawson of coarse..  as he continues to face his biggest challenge : Fatherhood !!

Still Turtles are a major part and influence in Keno & his Family’s life.. not just as a TMNT fan-favorite and alumni of the Teens’ classic film cast.

That spirit is especially his brother, fellow artist/actor & filmaker ** Santino Ramos.. crazy mad fan since childhood !! !!

Ernie Reyes Jr. /© Rubenstein, photographer Martyna Borkowski

Early on in 2009, during TMNT-25 celebrations Ernie was brought in for the Movie to help the Foot Clan look out for new martial arts actors to play Foot Ninja in the new film.

tOkKa's San Diego Cranial combustion 2009  :: Turtles Forever - TMNT's Birthday Cake

Ernie was so excited at the prospect being of being involved in the Ninja Turtles Reboot he made a surprise appearance at 2009’s San Diego Comic-Con & the Movie’s Panel to make a passionate plea for his case & for Keno & Ernie’s involvement in the new film to Scott Mednick,Galen Walker , Kevin Eastman & Mirage’s Gary Richardson !!

tOkKa's San Diego Cranial combustion 2009  :: Turtles Forever - T. Jones ,Ernie Reyes Jr.,  tOkKa , A Modeen

He even stuck around to celebrate the release of the animated Turtles Forever with the Mirage Staff & fellow comic writers Tristan Jones and Andrew Modeen ( ..and umm.. the Rat King )!!

*** Ernie is counting on allot of support from his fellow TMNT aficionados !! A fan-driven effort to continue to bring attention to his great want in involvement with the new Turtles movie on FACEBOOK HERE !! ***

Ernie Reyes Jr. Head Shot

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