VH1's B.W.R : Ninja Turtles On Empire State Building Prove TMNT And “Being Really High” Still Go Together Nicely

Dude Sweet –>> SPECIAL THANKS to Don N. !!

“The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
appeared on top of the Empire State Building today to celebrate their 25th Anniversary (wow – I realize that dates back to the comic but still…25 years?? My God…) Here’s a brief photo recap of the event, along with a bunch of dumb captions that I wrote–”

VH1’s BEST WEEK EVER Blog has an insane handfull of  fun pix to share from today’s big  GALABUNGA in the N . Y . C.  at the top of the E.S.B. !! ( You down wit’  Tokkie, Gee   ?! )

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