VH1's B.W.R : Ninja Turtles On Empire State Building Prove TMNT And “Being Really High” Still Go Together Nicely

Dude Sweet –>> SPECIAL THANKS to Don N. !!

“The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
appeared on top of the Empire State Building today to celebrate their 25th Anniversary (wow – I realize that dates back to the comic but still…25 years?? My God…) Here’s a brief photo recap of the event, along with a bunch of dumb captions that I wrote–”

VH1’s BEST WEEK EVER Blog has an insane handfull of  fun pix to share from today’s big  GALABUNGA in the N . Y . C.  at the top of the E.S.B. !! ( You down wit’  Tokkie, Gee   ?! )

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Archie's TMNT TPB Featured Item in Previews!

Archie TMNT collected book in Previews.

Previews is (the comic industry’s monthly catalogue magazine) featuring Michael Dooney’s original Archie miniseries! Archie are reprinting this book with all new colors for the 25th Anniversary of the TMNT! Its appearance in Previews means that it will be in stores and available to purchase in May. Tales of the TMNT #58 is also listed, featuring the return of the C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa! Make sure you get down to your comic shops (or even your online stores like B&N now!) and put in your order!

Scan of Previews' Article
Scan of Previews' Article