–>> It’s time of great transition for the TMNT property and fans as whole .

With television, movie, video game & merchandising rights all but guaranteed ( or should is say GUARANTEED ?? ).. there are many fears of what will come giving the uncertainty of what will happen to the TMNT’ hard core & original, Turtle comic book origins. So many questions surrounding the dealings of the past couple of weeks here.

Do Nick and Viacom risk alienating the Mirage Turtle comic book fans ?! Will Paramount be able to really deliver the hard edged TMNT film so many fans have dreamed of for so very long ?! At this point, do they even care ?!

Despite this rough transitional period .. there is a group of creative ,young individuals solely devoted to the original comic origins and the push to adapt those original tales for the Turtles 5th big screen venture.

A bold proclamation and a brave one in these uncertain TMNT times.

Check out their vision statement ::

“From a love and passion for the story that made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles great, we wanted to create a vision of the Turtles that was true to the original material and contained everything we wanted to see. Incidentally, this directly corresponds to what we know the audience wants to see based on our research. The vision we have created not only exceeds the expectations of the audience, but also maintains the quality and integrity of Laird and Eastman’s original vision. By bringing sophisticated, dark, and gripping story elements to the Turtles’ universe, we are able to achieve a level of excellence we know everyone can appreciate.

By using a vast timeline, we are able to keep an exciting pace while simultaneously eliminating unnecessary dead time by focusing our efforts on the most exciting pieces of the story. Beginning in Japan, we provide a history of Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki that propels the story into a refreshing perspective on the true origins of the turtles. This structure creates a natural environment to fully explore the most profound moments in the characters’ lives.

Regardless of the story’s fabrication and with meticulous attention to the detail of every character, when they are pushed beyond their natural limits, the outcome is always exhilarating. This enables us to humanize the characters at a level that everyone can relate to, creating truly incredible action fueled by unrestrained imagination and originality. It is a universe simple enough for a child, refined enough for the critic, and filled with easter eggs for the loyal fans.”

**Check out the ambitious film project “Dawn of the Ninja Turtles” and judge for yourself !!**

Could this be the potential gritty direction and future for TMNT films within the upcoming relaunch in a couple of years here ?! Or just a brave and creative dream ?!

And is anyone at Paramount, involved with the next Turtle film listening ?!

They just might be.

We’ll see ..

~ t

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