“TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES : OUT OF THE SHADOWS” // SDCC “Donatello” & “Michelangelo” Collector’s cards (( 2013 ))

"TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES : OUT OF THE SHADOWS" //   SDCC "Donatello" Collector's card  (( 2013 ))

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approx. 6″ x 4″

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–>> Roughly postcard size, each Turtle collector card was available at the IDW boot, one each day with leftovers from the day prior being available with the new ones.

"TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES : OUT OF THE SHADOWS" //   SDCC "Michelangelo" Collector's card  (( 2013 ))

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The new TMNT video games were lightly promoted; with TMNT:OOTS being mainly trumpeted by IDW themselves as this is a more mature title than the new game based directly on the show. Those were more readily ( but again lightly ) promoted by Nickelodeon themselves at Nick’s booth and at the Nick Turtle animation panel.

So far i’ve only been able to obtain Mike & Don’s cards.

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Turtles In Time: Re-Shelled – Out Today!


The day has finally commeth! That’s right friends! Turtles In Time: Re-Shelled is out on Xbox Live!

In reading various reviews of the game, I have noticed a substantial divide. Those who are trying to rate this title while comparing it to CURRENT games, and those who are…not.

Let us get one thing straight gang. You CANNOT compare this title to current XBLA games with any sense of fairness. It is simply apples and oranges. It would be like if they released Golden Eye (FPS for the N64 – one of the the greatest games of it’s time) on XBLA and then compared it to Halo 3. OF COURSE it isn’t going to hold up. It isn’t supposed to! Turtles In Time Re-Shelled is exactly what it is supposed to be… a love letter to the fanbase. It is a faithful recreation of the original game with upgraded graphics and achievements. End of Story. If youre lookiing for a cutting edge game, go play one. But if you are looking for a warm and fuzzy 45 minute walk down memory lane for you and your friends…download Turtles In Time Reshelled. Go. Now. Why are you still reading this? Go!

Ok fine, if you want to read something, go read Team XBox’s Review (Click the pic!)