TESCO 2014 Mutagen Promotion.

In the earlier waves of the TMNT 2012 toyline, Playmates reintroduced Mutagen Ooze. Based on its new cloudy blue depiction from the current animated series the slime was presented in Kraang cannister packaging and also contained a plastic mini-turtle for good measure.

The blue Ooze was just the start and a 2nd wave of goo started hitting retail in multiple colors of Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow (as well as the ‘bitter agent’ changed up). It was like the Ecto Plasm play slime from Kenners Real Ghostbusters toyline again – but for Ninja Turtles! Sadly, this 2nd wave of TMNT Mutagen stayed on the American side of the map and the UK/Europe had nothing beyond wave 1.

However, UK Supermarket chain Tesco steps in with a randomly exclusive release of Orange only wave 2 Mutagen complete with a one-off Gold variant of the mini turtle toy as a chase figure for a promotional competition. One of a kind Gold Turtle aside, the Orange Ooze mini-turtles were in different shades of green rather than the bandana-colored variants that came out the US.

Each Cannister of Ooze had a code number of authenticity that can be entered into the competition website. Aside from the Top Prize of a 5-Day getaway to Greece there was also lots of runner up prizes of merchandise to be won.

5 years have passed since the competition and whether anyone found the Golden Turtle or not will remain a mystery. The ooze was since spotted on clearance after the October 31st closure date. It was a fun promotion while it lasted, and I acquired lots of orange slime through it! đŸ™‚

US wave 1 Leo on Left, UK Wave 2 Leo on Right
Screengrab from the competition website. No longer online.

Author: Hero_777

UK-Based, longterm TMNT enthusiast, proud parent and professional Santa Claus.