TMNT 25 – BACK to the SEWER

06202009 :: >;p Foot 25 - @ Golden  ..tail-gating the Party Wagon D

–>> Being evil and a major, un-official, international ambassador of the Foot Clan makes me rather bitter and offers very few caveats. Except for the occasional nunchuck to the ribs and three-toed boot to the head.

But even Tokka has to give a big THANK YOU to Michelangelo, Aaron, Mike ,Tim, Rob , Peppercom and the crew at TMNT 25 .

In the year from Turtle hell and despite the recession & adversity , Mikey and the gang really went out of their way .. above – AND BEYOND the call of Turtle duty to give us a Ninja Turtle Shell-A-Bration !!

Here we all could get together no matter what ..celebrate and enjoy the powerful, one-of-a kind, pop-culture phenom : TMNT !!

This was a mass TMNT multi-media event unlike any other !!

Let’s give it up for Mikey and the TMNT 25 crew and send out ♥ and thanks for an unforgettable Bushido Birthday Bash !!

** Click here for Michelangelo’s final thoughts on the whole SHELL-A-BRATION of ’09 and to lend your voice of thanks to a hard working crew at Peppercom that helped to prove to the world the impact of TMNT History and for a BODACIOUS 25th anniversary GALABUNGA !! !! **

06202009 :: >;p Foot 25 -  Michelangelo vs. Tokka iv

TURTLE “POW” – er !!

~ t

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