** WAL-MART ‘DOLLAR STATIONS’ & TMNT SRI palletes, quick comic n’ NEWS ROUND-UP **

TMNT Sationary • •

–>> If you check the “DOLLAR STATION” at your local WAL-MART store ( pending if they have one ), a large.. light blue pallet sales device with bins filled with low-cost nick-knack items on both sides of the station. A large variety of things like small utility baskets, pocket fragrances and lotions, combs & novelty items all about a dollar or so are in the bins. Innovative Designs has a large number of licensed stationary items in these bins as well ..all under 3 bucks. In fact every one of the things displayed on the table in the photo above was all priced at $1 each.

Pencil sets, sketching & notepad sets, jumbo erasers, temporary tattoos, stamping markers, memo pads, GIANT pens and pencils, pencil pouches ..and a cool dry-erase board –

..great for leaving  a note for mom or dad, the kids, the dog, a honey-do list, or just listing various self-loathing character flaws.

SRI TMNT PALLETE SRI also has a TMNT specific licensing palette in WAL-MART stores with items for the whole family. Water bottles, tumblers, cups and dinnerware sets like two pack plates and kiddie bowls , children’s sleepwear, both kids and adult t-shirts, ball caps, adult boxer shorts, bed-wear with character head pillows and blankets, backpack danglers & more. These palettes may be be located near the dollar station bins.

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** Let’s do a quick, abridged ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH Comic Round-up with Rich, great news as the MICRO SERIES format RETURNS focusing on KRANG and company !! ::

I haven’t investigated the reason for the shipping delays and wonkiness, but i guess it’s going to depend where on the map you live and Diamond’s shipping issues. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

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Finally from **COWABUNGA CORNER ::

*** One last walkthru’ at the PLAYMATES BOOTH with CC ..

*** And this is not news many of us hadn’t suspected, but in case you hadn’t heard,video game power-house..  Activision has made it official. ::

“Video Games has always been a large part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles History. Starting back in the 1990’s with the Nintendo system, Arcade, and so much more. We’ve watch the Turtle games grow and change throughout the years. Since Nickelodeon has got the Turtles fans have been asking “Who will be doing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game?” and today we got the answer as I saw on twitter from Nickelodeon UK PR‏ “Pleased to announce new global deal between Nickelodeon and Activision to produce Turtles video games.” This is big news for the TMNT fandom! Finally a TMNT game. .. .. “

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