Invading California

The Turtle Doc crew is invading the great sunny California on Thursday the 12th of March. This is great news for us! We are all Canadians…. and right now its cold up here, so needless to say we are digging into our “summer clothes” drawers to find our shorts in eager anticipation!!

For those TMNT fans out in CA we are looking for you! I will take this time to forward my thanks to our wonderful webmaster here at GoGreenMachine Mr. Reese who’s support with our project has already been wonderful and we look forward to hanging with him in CA soon.

If anyone is interested in having a chat and share their passion for the TMNT while we are in the area please let me know, you can email me at we will be on the road so let us know where you are and maybe we can make it to your location!

We can’t wait! and we are sure all of you will be pumped to see the outcome of our interviews in CA! We will be blogging as we go, over on the site, updating who we have interviewed and so on.



New Blog Up At

A new blog has been posted over at! Check it out here.

Archie's TMNT TPB Featured Item in Previews!

Archie TMNT collected book in Previews.

Previews is (the comic industry’s monthly catalogue magazine) featuring Michael Dooney’s original Archie miniseries! Archie are reprinting this book with all new colors for the 25th Anniversary of the TMNT! Its appearance in Previews means that it will be in stores and available to purchase in May. Tales of the TMNT #58 is also listed, featuring the return of the C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa! Make sure you get down to your comic shops (or even your online stores like B&N now!) and put in your order!

Scan of Previews' Article
Scan of Previews' Article

Hun arrives in town…

Just got word from Mr. B over at Mirage: “Tales of the TMNT” #56 will ben in stores March 23rd! Tell your friends, and if you don’t have a comic shop nearby, check out this link for the best places to order online!