TurtleDoc Blog Update

Randall has put up the 3rd installment of his Producer’s blog on Turtledoc.com. Get Check it out! Click the Pic.

Super Secret Sneak Peak! SPOILERS!

What we have here, is the penciled cover for Tales of the TMNT #61, which follows up on the events of #36, #50, #56 AND #59 (whew!). The cover does contain spoilers though…


Teenage Mutant Ninja Twitters

Looks like Mirage are on Twitter now. Follow them at: http://twitter.com/MirageStudios

TMNT Groom's Cake


I love TMNT cakes. They crack me up. My friend Regina sent this picture to me this weekend and I just had to post it. This isn’t just any old TMNT cake. It’s a groom’s cake. These are cakes that are given as gifts to the Groom by the bride during a wedding. if this is YOUR groom’s cake, let us know! Was it delicious?!?!!?