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–>> As a rule, i try to keep the vids posted here over a minute or so & to a minimum.

But there are special exceptions, like this very cool, recent Episode of M. Ivey’s ” Cowabunga Corner ” featuring an excellent & surprising interview with Kevin Eastman himself in regards to the new IDW Turtles book !!

On of Michelle’s best episodes yet !! !!

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“Tokka’s Terrifying ‘TOP 13 ‘ Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME ” prt. 3 of 3

"Tokka's Terrifying 'TOP 13 ' Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME " prt. 3 of 3

“Tokka’s Terrifying ‘TOP 13 ‘ Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME ” prt. 3 of 3

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“Tokka’s Terrifying ‘TOP 13 ‘ Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME ” prt. 2 of 3

“Tokka’s Terrifying ‘TOP 13 ‘ Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME ” prt. 2 of 3

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** Tokka’s Terrifying ‘TOP 13 ‘ Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME prt.1 **

"Tokka's Terrifying 'TOP 13 ' Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME " prt. 1

“Tokka’s Terrifying ‘TOP 13 ‘ Most Terrible TMNT Villains of all TMNT 25 TIME ” prt. 1

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GoGreenMachine.Org To Publish Fan Driven Content Book


When GoGreenMachine.Org was created, it’s intention was to be a collaborative project to bring people from all corners of the Ninja Turtle Multi-verse together. To centralize the passion, creativity, and love we have for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so that we could enjoy them on a level that had not previously been possible. While we think we have gone a long way toward this goal, we aren’t there yet. Which is why, today, I am pleased to announce our newest project:

Go Green Machine! – A Collection of Fan-tasic Art and Stories (Working Title)

After quite some time of sorting permissions and working out logistics, GoGreenMachine.Org is taking the next step in bringing the fans together and making your voices heard. We are publishing a book! But who is going to write this masterpiece? You Are.

Starting immediately, GoGreenMachine.Org will begin taking submissions of fan generated TMNT related art, photos, fiction, mini comics, personal profiles, stories, and anything else you can think of! A large selection of these works will be chosen to be included in the publication. This book is going to be created by the fans, for the fans. Our goal is to create a high quality tome of content that each of you can be proud of and allow you to make your mark in the mythos of the TMNT. You’ve given so much of yourself to the boys in green. Now it’s time for you to show the world.

Rules For Submission:
In an effort to not stifle creative juices, we would like to set as few rules as possible. If we are going to use something you submit but it needs to be modified for whatever reason, we will work with you to make it right. But please, no nudity or overtly sexual themes or scenes. Swearing and ninja-violence is ok.

All submissions must be 100% created BY YOU, and not have been published in anything else before.

What We Are Looking For:
Although we are hoping that people suprise us with content we didn’t even KNOW we were looking for, here is a list of ideas to get your brain jumping:

Art – This can be something you’ve done recently or something from your childhood
Photos – Were you at an event? Meet the Mirage gang at a Con? Run into Kevin at the supermarket? Or just had a Turtle-rific 8th birthday party? We want to see it!
Life Stories – If you’ve read this far into this announcement, chances are, the Turtles have touched your lives in amazing ways none of us could even dream of. So tell us!
Fiction – Are you one of those very talented writers who love putting our heroes in death defying situations? Tell us a story.

How To Submit:
Submit any entries directly to our administrator at: Stephan@GoGreenMachine.Org

All submissions must be accompanied by a high resolution photo of yourself (strongly encouraged, but optional), and a breif bio. These will most likely be included in the publication somehow to give each of you proper credit.

The Fine Print:
In submitting anything to us for publication, you are automatically stating that we have the right to publish your work without any compensation to you. Understand that you are doing this because you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, not because you are looking for a payday.

While we do not take ownership of any of the material you submit, we would ask that you not use these materials in future official publications. Blogs, social netowrking sites, etc are fine.


Q: Am I getting paid for this?
A: No. No compensation will be given. As mentioned before, you are doing this out of love your our fandom, and to make your mark in the turtle universe.

Q: Are YOU getting paid for this?
A: Yes and No. Publishing this book is most likely going to be very, very expensive. Currently, GoGreenMachine plans to publish the book ourselves. Out of our own pocket (somewhat fitting given the origin of the Turtles). So we can promise you that any money we make off these books will go to repaying our investment, funding the site (which is also paid for out of pocket by us), and investing into further TMNT fan projects. The bottom line is that this is a labor of love. You don’t walk away rich from something like this.

Q: When is the book going to be released?
A: We are shooting for a release in the neighborhood of the 2011 Turtles movie. That is of course, subject to change.

Q: If I submit material, am I guaranteed to be in the book?
A: Unfortunately No. The book will undoubtedly have a page limit, and if we get as large of a response as we are hoping, we are going to have to be selective.

Q: What is the deadline for submission?
A: Currently there isn’t one. So just send us stuff till we tell you to stop.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can make?
A: Not officially, just use your best judgement.

Q: I would like to help fund, distribute, produce, edit, or design this book.
A: If you would like to help with the project in some other way than content submission, you may contact our administrator at Stephan@GoGreenMachine.Org. Relevent work experience in graphic arts, design, consumer products, etc. will most likely be required.

Any other inquires can be made to our administrator at Stephan@GoGreenMachine.Org

This Project is offically public knowledge, so please, spread the word!