Abandoned TOKKA & Rahzar art (( 2000 ))

terrible2z.com :: Abandoned "RAHZAR" art (( 2000 ))

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–>> The FUGLY work no one asked to see, but recently dug up.. here’s some odd, old never before published work from the crusty-old Tokka-archives  – – that only a Mother would love  .. or stick under a bird-cage.

terrible2z.com :: Abandoned "Shredder vs. Donatello" art (( 2000 ))

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Not 100% sure but these are possibly the among the first illustrations i started drawing of these particular characters post my accident in 1999 where my signature style really started to change and develop into what it is now. Not sure. These prolly date to late ’99 – 2000. This is is the first real time they’ve been presented fully,


terrible2z.com :: Abandoned "TOKKA" art (( 2000 ))

terrible2z.com :: Abandoned "M0S-33, Mousee the Mouser" art (( 200x ))

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