tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio i ☣ ☣


–>> Here we are again – encouraging creativity & Tokka’s hoping to inspire you to get imaginative with your own TMNT toys !! Here’s part one of our look at Tokk’s  work on  the BIG BAD BOYS in Playmates Action figure arsenal.


This custom project was not going for screen accuracy but enhancement over the factory paint, models, and accessories. Elements of the classic cartoon & IDW comic versions of the characters & in Shredder’s case; CIRO NIELI’S design work was emulated as best i could. Two separate media are represented with all three figures, but at 11″ – this customization for my own personal collection just seems to work extremely effectively in representing the classic trio .

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER i

  ☣  ☣

  Bloodier paint scheme added to Saki’s model, face, weapons & Kuro Kabuto helmet. “INK” applications were added to model to emulate best i could CIRO NIEL’S 2-D Shredder designs.

  Nickeodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: 11” 'Battle Shell' SHREDDER iv (( 2014 )) [[ ebay pic ]]

** View LARGE On Black **

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Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: " KARAI, SHREDDER & FOOT CLAN"; Early production art by Ciro Nieli - LARGE v. (( 2010 )) [[ Courtesy of TMNT Master ]]

“Standing tall and intimidating, Shredder is the deadly leader of the evil Foot Clan and leads them in a never-ending battle against Splinter and the Turtles. Ready to take on anything, he’s equipped with razor sharp armor and forbidden dark ninja skills!

Removable helmet reveals deep scars covering his face from being trapped inside a burning building after a brutal fight with Splinter. Could this be why Shredder is always out for revenge?”

Figure comes with a sword and a pair of shuriken (throwing stars).

Nickeodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: 11” 'Battle Shell' SHREDDER vi (( 2015 )) [[ Courtesy of Q

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER ii

Nickeodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: 11” 'Battle Shell' SHREDDER iii (( 2014 )) [[ ebay pic ]]tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER iv/ ..damaged noggin

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER iii / Kuro Kabuto Helmet, Blood Sword, Blood Shuriken

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER v
tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER vi

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER vii

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER ix / ..with SDCC SHREDDER ( w/ Removable Helmet ) 2013


tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER viii

tOkKustom :: NEW CLASSIC 'FOOT' Trio :: SHREDDER ix / ..with Sideshow Collectibles SHREDDER Comiquette 2011

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Abandoned TOKKA & Rahzar art (( 2000 )) :: Abandoned "RAHZAR" art (( 2000 ))

☠  ☠

–>> The FUGLY work no one asked to see, but recently dug up.. here’s some odd, old never before published work from the crusty-old Tokka-archives  – – that only a Mother would love  .. or stick under a bird-cage. :: Abandoned "Shredder vs. Donatello" art (( 2000 ))

☠ ☠

Not 100% sure but these are possibly the among the first illustrations i started drawing of these particular characters post my accident in 1999 where my signature style really started to change and develop into what it is now. Not sure. These prolly date to late ’99 – 2000. This is is the first real time they’ve been presented fully, :: Abandoned "TOKKA" art (( 2000 )) :: Abandoned "M0S-33, Mousee the Mouser" art (( 200x ))

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