tOkKa’s NERVOUS PLASTIC BREAK-DOWN;Nickelodeon RISE of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: MEAT SWEATS (( 2018 )) [[ Standard U.S. release ]]

Nickelodeon  RISE of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: MEAT SWEATS i (( 2018 )) [[ Standard U.S. release ]]


Nickelodeon  RISE of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: MEAT SWEATS ii (( 2018 )) [[ Standard U.S. release ]]

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–>> Tokka here. Haven’t done one of these pseudo-review things in a billion years. But since this is my first ON-SITE post ( social media not included – pretty active there ) in over a year – i may be a little rusty. But let’s dive right into the fryer with “MEATSWEATS” – RISE OF THE TMNT’S breakout villain voiced by none other than the incredible John Lydon aka “JOHNNY ROTTEN” of the legendarily infamous Sex Pistols !! !!

Nickelodeon  RISE of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: MEAT SWEATS iii (( 2018 )) [[ Standard U.S. release ]]
Meat Sweats with “Mutated Hand” variant ..

During this massive hiatus, RISE of the TMNT has taken Nick’s kid’s television, streaming and online blocks by storm. A little divisive, hilarious and sometimes older fans get a chance to warm up to a whole new universe of insane, magical Turtle Teen adventures with a whole new generation of villains with a touch classic 1990s TMNT flavour !!

Nickelodeon  RISE of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: MEAT SWEATS iv (( 2018 )) [[ Standard U.S. release ]]
Bring on the bacon !!

Nickelodeon  RISE of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: MEAT SWEATS ..card backer i (( 2018 )) [[ Standard U.S. release ]]

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This is the standard card for all U.S. Rise- , basic secondary character 2018, 2019 releases.

Nickelodeon  RISE of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: MEAT SWEATS ..card insert (( 2018 )) [[ Standard U.S. release ]]

☠ ? ☠

Meat Sweats is a one-PIG Foodie “POUND PATROL” For Baron Draxum and a premier Mutant for the new Rise of the TMNT toy line !!


On the show, Johnny Rotten voices a real Power House of a villain, done in the spirit of the classic “TMNT 80s Toy Line Wackiness” – has quickly become a fan favourite !! It’s also noted that the Veteran TMNT design team at Varner Studios took an instant liking to the Big Guy’s pudgy-power look as well !!

.. Meatsweats turns

RISE-MEATSWEATS_TURN test .. imperfect, but here is Tokka’s first toy – video turn around of this big ham .

In autumn and winter of 2018; two versions of the Meat Sweats split between the U.S. and Canada /Euro ‘Spin Masters’ releases of the toy included either a “Mutated Hand” or “Tentacle” accessory to interchange with his right Metal fist bracer !!

..Meatsweats absorbs his enemies’ powers with his awful hands. When he removes his protective bracers, the danger he poses is amplified to 2000 !!

He also includes his frightening “Tenderizer” weapon and signature apron.

A small custom “bloody” paint job was done by me as well as on his tow nails & weapon handle. These usually come unpainted.

Variations on his “pants” also exist with portions under the apron coming painted or umm .. “au natural”. >XP

You can twist him around. He’s spry with 8 articulation points at the : neck, hinge joints at the shoulders, elbows, hip and thigh, waist. And of coarse his powerful bracer gloves and removable tentacle/ hand move 360 at the wrist.

Currently, both HAND and Tentacle versions of our Piggy pal are showing up stateside. I am unsure of the boxed quantities in any given shipment nationally or internationally. Although, recently on a Target store visit, i saw one of each variant on the pegs. So i am gonna it is two variants per case.

..a formidable piece of pork !!

Some people i’ve discussed the current retail TMNT toy line with are not fans of the show, BUT love the new toy line. Meaty here is often listed amoungst their absolute favourites.
Meat Sweats with 88 Bebop & 2012 Anton Zeck Bebop !!
.. with TMN : OOS Movie Bebop 2016 !!
..a Pig For Every Season .. but uhhh – HAPPY EASTER !!??
Meat Seats killin’ it with with MEDICOM Johnny Rotten..

Since this is my first toy break-down & write-up back, i’d like to thank you for giving her a quick view !! And special thanks go to Tori at Playmates for her generosity and patience with this review !! !!

•Rise of the TMNT Toys Fight Meat Sweats, Do Challenges & More!

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NECA 2019 Walkthru, including TMNT TARGET exclusive Toon highlights and Movie TMNT; SHREDDER..
Dan’s Toy Fair coverage and walkthru’ of Super 7’s booth hadlittle to do with the Green Teens; however S.7. did announced they are expanding on the now iconic “Masters of the Universe Classics” format including other classic 21st century properties such as Conan the Barbarian, Toxic Avenger, & Nickelodeon franchises like Ren & Stimpy and now TMNT !! Very interesting !! If this announcement leads to success, perhaps the Green Teens, eventually will make it to the popular smaller Star Wars 3.5 scale REACTION Figures line !!
SUPER 7 2019
PIXEL DAN’s best of T.F. 2019 recap !!

TOPPS :: Classic TMNT Comic Trading cards are coming back !! Tokka’s Flickr Updates return.

In preparation for my return to GGM and feature posts, i have been scanning both new and older TMNT product, toy packaging and adding older and new photos from my backlog on my old hard drive. There is about close to 6 years of backlogged images intended for potential posts on GGM or at least just for archiving and sharing with fellow TMNT fans.
The t2z- Flickr account has been a great success for millions to access my archives. Unfortunately the rampant abuse and stealing of my images got WAYYYY out of control years ago and backfired me. I have a little bit better grip on watermarks and Creative Commons rights sharing anymore so i have a bit more confidence with scanning and sharing again. Not much is organized or tagged yet, but will take care of it when i can make the time. But if ya don’t believe me that i have been adding to that archive again – TAKE A LOOK !! ** :: Andrew Modeen and Company are at it again !! This time he’s taking it upon himself to finish TMNT Adventures”FOREVER War”!! Check it out on this Grass Roots crowd funding project !! !!

DOLLAR TREE :: “ALIEN” ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan (( 2012 ))

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan i (( 2012 ))

☢ ☢

–>> As TURTLE fans know, crazy Alien epidemics have been all the rage for Don and the rest of the teens since near DAY 1.. so the media’s just gonna need to realize it’s nothin’ new.

"TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ADVENTURES" #49.. cover art by Chris Allan & Ryan Brown  (( 1993 ))

DOLLAR TREE’s “ALIEN ACTION FIGURES” aren’t necessarily the answer to Steve Murphy’s mysterious and freaky “SONS OF SILENCE” from the good ol’ TMNTA of the ’90s..

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xx // .. with TMNT Classics Don '12 (( 2012 ))

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan ii (( 2012 ))DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan iv (( 2012 ))

..however, if ya let Tokka “PROBE” your brain for just a little bit – maybe he can help you come up with an oddball play option for your collection that comes kinda close. Well maybe – maybe not.

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan vi // ..card backer (( 2012 ))

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☢ ☢

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan vii (( 2012 ))

One part creepy, one part crappy, maybe a little cute, maybe a little ugly, but absolutely cheap !!

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan viii (( 2012 ))DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan ix (( 2012 ))

Available for a little over a year now at Dollar Tree stores, and apparently still available at some of them .. these big-eye, big-head..but-ugly buggers with the somewhat menacing looking blasters & unused battery compartments are only articulated at the neck and arms. But again for a buck ..these bugs are super affordable

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan x // ..unused, empty battery back  (( 2012 )) DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xi (( 2012 ))

Far as i can tell, only 2 variants of the same mold exist; green and tan. However, in similar packaging & slimmer scale are two-packs of “Ninja Aliens” using similar generic male body molds for Dollar Tree’s Power Ranger & Wrestling toy knock-offs but with Spider-man like heads.


If ya got a penchant like Tokka does for all things weird & bootleg-like these guts may be up you’re alley. Whadda ya got to loose for only a buck ??!


~ t

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xii (( 2012 ))DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xiii (( 2012 ))

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xv  // ..with NICK Donatello '12 (( 2012 ))DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xvi  // ..with KRANG '89 (( 2012 ))

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xvii //..with COMMANDER MOZAR '04  (( 2012 ))DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xviii // .. with TMNT Classics Raph & Leo '12  (( 2012 ))

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xix // .. with TMNT Classics Raph  '12 (( 2012 ))

DOLLAR TREE :: "ALIEN" ACTION FIGURE; Green & Tan xxi (( 2012 ))

** TMNT Rarities from Tristan Jones; TMNT 15 & Beyond **

Barbaric FANTASY –>> **Tristan Jones is on the move and in that process is parting with super cool & rare treasures from his personal collection including ..


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If you’re like Tokka, just catching up to this weeks TMNT comix due to work and life in general .. let’s check this weeks update round-up for the working-snapper  from Rich ::

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CUPCAKES IN A HALF SHELL --  er 1/2 cup.

 You read that title right, folks. Food Network’s Cupcake Wars will be hosting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed competition in celebration of Nickelodeon’s new TMNT reboot!

Four bakers, all husband and wife teams, will have to become ninjas in the kitchen in order to win the battle to serve their cupcakes at a cast and crew party for the new animated series.”Food Network

Tune in to Food Network on Nov 04, 2012, 8:00 PM ET/PT to catch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cupcake Wars Challenge!

Source [Frankenmuth News, Food Network]




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** TMNT #9, TMNT Adventures 100 page & Beyond **


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–>> Reissue  of a reissue of  reissues, or technically a reissue of the collected issues of the first TMNT Adventures issues.. um yeh.


With lots of important & classic reprints coming up aside from TMNTA , we also turn to Rich to make sense of it all.




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I was reminded to remind you late last week of an important auction on Heritage that Kevin E. posted a few days back ..


” .. .. Co-creator Kevin Eastman has recently announced that he is auctioning the ‘rarest of the rare’ TMNT illustrations from his personal collection.
.. .. Kevin Eastman has offered a sneak peek of the illustrations on his deviantART journal, which you can view here:

.. ..have the very first look at the art that is up for sale, and the opportunity to learn the backstory behind some of these creations. Eastman will be updating his deviantART profile with upcoming TMNT news, so stay tuned! “


Auction Dates: May 10 at 1pm CT, through May 11

Location: Heritage Auctions – 3500 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219

Auction info:


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**”Not Just Fun And Games” ‘Religious Anti-Ninja Turtle Propaganda from the Ancient World [Video] ‘ (( 1991 )) **


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“As it turns out, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are components of an evangelistic gospel of “outright Hinduism, occultism and humanism” that teaches children “ideals that are contrary to Christian beliefs” with subversive merchandise like “pepperoni sticks.” At least, that’s according to a group of curiously coiffed Canadian men in an early 1990s propaganda film decrying the original TMNT animated series, Vanilla Ice, Bart Simpson and other alleged evils of the ancient world. “

–>> Via **Comics Alliance; as you ol’ snapper pal here tries to catch up from a series of physical & emotionally draining events, this interesting compilation of clips takes Tokka back to his own jaded past in recollection growing up in Religious household. Ultimately being hurt by those things that were considered to be “the truth” in what was forthright, holy, and eternal. These type of items of ‘warning’ came up now and again and were discussed with us kids on the “evils” marketed to youth & the potential for corruption on our fragile lives. Having been born and raised in what some would call an unofficial “Evangelical Vatican City” that is Colorado Springs it kind of is no surprise i guess.

For the most part i think my Ma & Pop trusted us kids to make relatively the right decisions in real life no matter what toy or doll was purchased.
With the exception of one incident in regards to the ransacking of my room when i was a kid, and the removal of all “negative” items in my personal belongings that were effecting my actions & thinking. Still i think in the end we got off relatively scot-free from this type of edict.

It might even be best to look at these type of items as ” Demonetization of Harry Potter moments “ ( for lack of a better way to put it ) in the context of the past 100+ years or so.

Be it the criticizing analysis of your famous Wizard friend in the early aughts, the terrible things the very early Mickey Mouse cartoons were in the 1930s around some Christian communities, the 1950s comic book trials and creation of the ‘Comics Code Authority’, hidden messages in the music of the Beatles, impurity implied by the way Elvis shook his hips, the practice of Devil Worship being applauded and hypnotizing youth by the band members of KISS and other rock grous of the ’70s & ’80s. Even as i was growing it wasn’t uncommon to be bombarded by messages on how evil He-Man, Thundercats, or Barbie dolls were.

TMNT or Pokemon, Harry Potter, the Muppets or Beyblade.. someone out there will read more into what’s really there at any given time history so it seems. And they will tout it down as vile devices of the world used to brain-wash children from leading a lifestyle similar to the path of Christ.


“No matter what it is that you do or say, there will always, always be someone somewhere who will find it offensive”. — ***Mark Pellegrini of TMNT Entity

“It’s witchcraft, pure and simple,” says one man in the film, which also objects to children’s candy in the shape of instruments used to create “rock music.” The clip was compiled by Four Four from an unearthed “VHS tape” of a propaganda film called Not Just Fun And Games which warned primitive man of the infernal dangers of children’s cartoons and assorted merchandise. It is a fascinating glimpse into an unremembered time in our distant past when humanity was first confronted with new and seemingly terrifying concepts like martial arts, anthropomorphized reptiles, and rap music.”

It should be noted, that obviously while these extreme type of views do exist even to this very day it is in a minority, maybe to an even more extreme extent nowadays. Hard for me to say. And while Tokka himself was hurt and has been left very disillusioned by Religion; that doesn’t count “PEOPLE” in his life. There’s is no broad paint-brush stroke to cover these complex topics of life.

TMNT Exposed

Family members, friends, some friends in clergy & ministry, even members and dear friends in the TMNT community have a deep relationship and faith with Jesus Christ ( even GGM’s own wonderful Jester ) . And in spite of the fact that Tokka no longer adheres to those related practices of faith or of any religion, these people in my life truly do act & care with their hearts and not with their words or some push of religion. I see them in my opinion as Real Christians.

They accept me for who i am and love me for who i am. No, they won’t always agree with me – but the bigger picture of “family” has always been an important staple that some overlooked in the broader context of TMNT. This staple applies here.

Of coarse you will not always agree with those you love. But the love is still there, and if you truly mean something to them and they to you.. that love will remain eternal.

** Mark wrote an incredibly detailed piece on this interesting time in TMNT history last summer on TMNT Entity.. **

.. especially in regards to letters of criticism on the groundbreaking TMNT Adventures run of comics in the 1990s. This is a great, balanced read !! !!

If anything the predeceasing video montage, despite the fact on the religious types’ overwhelming chastising of the Turtles, one can watch and gawk with envy at the killer collection of old-school TMNT merch collected on their holy tables. Items that have castigated and doomed us all to hell!!


~ t

P.S. It should be noted that M.C. Hammer is a minister of the Good Word himself. :p