Workin FAN’S UPDATE :: Burnham & BAXTER , Collection coming soon, TMNT – OUT OF THE SHADOWS BETA. related , TOKKA v. Ross Cambell – you can win !!


–>> Calm down, **HOB .. i’ll give ya a round up of the news if you’ll get off my back !! Maybe this lowdown on your former boss Dr.Bax will cheer ya up from CBR :: ***Burnham Dissects Classic Villain in “TMNT: Baxter Stockman”, maybe not. Thanks, Tom.

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Well in case you’re a workin’ fan and / or are just getting to the comic shop to pick up your stash of books or in Hob’s case, cat-nip ( medicinal use ONLY ) ..’s Rich’s quick check-list for what’s left of  MARCH ’13 and what may be waiting for you. ::



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Finally we got this ol’ guy whom ya know and loathe  ..

tOkKa v. Ross Campbell :: ROUND 2;  ' t2z-13; SAVANTI ROMERO ' artistic clash between fan favourite and Wet Moon & TMNT vet **Ross Campbell & the much reviled ***TOKKA.

You can win this .. stay tuned !! >:)

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** TMNT Rarities from Tristan Jones; TMNT 15 & Beyond **

Barbaric FANTASY –>> **Tristan Jones is on the move and in that process is parting with super cool & rare treasures from his personal collection including ..


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If you’re like Tokka, just catching up to this weeks TMNT comix due to work and life in general .. let’s check this weeks update round-up for the working-snapper  from Rich ::

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CUPCAKES IN A HALF SHELL --  er 1/2 cup.

 You read that title right, folks. Food Network’s Cupcake Wars will be hosting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed competition in celebration of Nickelodeon’s new TMNT reboot!

Four bakers, all husband and wife teams, will have to become ninjas in the kitchen in order to win the battle to serve their cupcakes at a cast and crew party for the new animated series.”Food Network

Tune in to Food Network on Nov 04, 2012, 8:00 PM ET/PT to catch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cupcake Wars Challenge!

Source [Frankenmuth News, Food Network]




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Dave Sim's CEREBUS/TURTLE Sketches i // "MATISSE THE UNKNOWN TURTLE" (( 2012 ))

–>> Special thanks to James.

Literally and literary : Dave Sim & CEREBUS are legendary in the Indy Comics field. He’s noted as the TMNT’s first official crossover friend from back in the day and now the Aardvark’s compendium is going digital ( & interactive )!! All this to be experienced like never before and enjoyed by an entire new generation.

** The overflow of support for this project is phenomenal, and if you can contribute at certain levels, an exclusive piece Eastman / Sim art work is in the works. On Kickstarter .. **

Dave Sim's CEREBUS/TURTLE Sketches ii (( 2012 )) Dave Sim's CEREBUS/TURTLE Sketches iii (( 2012 ))

Dave Sim's CEREBUS/TURTLE Sketches iv (( 2012 ))

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Been bit behind, cuz Tokka’s facing publishing deadlines of his own; we’re forced into a round up on the news just in case you to need some help gettin’ caught up with your half-shelled heroes.


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