“Leonardo vs. Xenomorph” ..pin-up ; pencils by Peter Laird, inks by Ryan Brown (( 1989 ))

"Leonardo vs. Xenomorph" ..pin-up ; pencils by Peter Laird, inks by Ryan Brown  (( 1989 ))

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TMNT Movie Street Art posters.. –>> Mike J. has pointed out some interesting imagery of posters & teasers from COSMICBOOK ::

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“The fund raiser is live!”

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Playmates "touching-up" previous waves..

  • Got this in from a friend back East; i believe located in Georgia at a TARGET store, thanks Dakota ::   Reissues of figures from prior TMNT waves such as Cockroach Terminator ( shown in the screencap from the friend on Instagram above), Dogpound, Leatherhead, and Snakeweed and maybe others – – have been reported to have newer paint applications and deco that looks much more improved and somewhat similar to their prototype predecessors. Playmates’s scale with the Turtles line has been an ever present issue – – but these newer paint decos on the older releases may make up for the line’s short comings. So again, keep an eye out.

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Previews are out, books are on the shelves and reviews are popping up so I feel there’s no need to hold this back.
Metalhead’s redesign for IDW’s TMNT! Had fun with this one! As you may see on his debut book (TMNT#34) the speeder/car mode was something that I suggested and writer Tom Waltz and editor Bobby Curnow embraced.

My goal here was to not only give this version of the character a voice and look of its own, but also to pay a homage to the original design. Mission accomplished I believe.

Hope you all enjoy it.

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— M. Santolouco

‘ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Blood Brothers” ‘ kickstarter

The way it should be, practical not digital



Dear Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fans

My name is Scotty Fields, with your help I will shoot a fan film featuring most of the more popular characters. Basically the story revolves around an epic battle that Raphaell and Casey Jones have with Bebop and Rocksteady. As the fight ensues, more characters join the fray until the battle ends with an interdimensional standoff. I plan to use my almost 20 years of experience and resources to accomplish this optimistic endeavor. I have a well equipped shop with ample room to build the creatures. The film will be shot on digital but the creatures will be real anamatronics. Most of the characters will be guys in suits with some puppets and marionettes. I have a talented team of people helping me to accomplish these goals.

If you have seen our other short fan film “Marvel Zombies, The Movie”, imagine that kind of effort but ten fold. Wow I can’t wait, this is going to be rad.”


Scotty Fields