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"mutant ninja turtles" ..art by Oscar Celestini for cereal:geek  (( 2010 ))

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“I’ve been self-publishing cereal:geek magazine since the beginning of 2007. It is a 100 page glossy magazine (with NO ads) dedicated to showcasing the cartoons of the eighties. The writers and artists that contribute to cereal:geek bring with them exclusive content (none of this material has been printed in any other media before).

Issue two was originally published in the second quarter of 2007 and has been out of print ever since. As only 1000 copies were originally printed it is incredibly hard to obtain. So here I am, seeing if Kickstarter is a viable means to see if there is a demand for issue two…and maybe at the same time introduce some new people to the world of cereal:geek!


Issue two covers the subject of magic and science throughout the cartoons of the eighties. The main article covers many shows including Dungeons & Dragons, He-Man, She-Ra, Thundarr the Barbarian, and ThunderCats, detailing how each of them utilized magic and science to tell their stories. Jack Olesker reveals how he balanced magic and science on The New Adventures of He-Man. Another article explains how after the sci-fi-heavy first season of The Transformers the show began to delve into the realm of magic. Visionaries and Centurions (both overlooked shows) are covered. And Robert Lamb explains how magic and science worked during his time on He-Man and She-Ra. Aside from those lengthy articles there is also an in-depth history of the much-celebrated animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, the changes found in MASK’s season two are highlighted, the Top Ten cartoon transformations are listed, the Rocky films are reworked as an animated series, the love triangle in the Jem series is questioned, a page full of Galaxy Rangers trivia is featured, the amazing origin story of Smurfette is revealed, and much, much more! Other shows covered include Defenders of the Earth, Galaxy High School, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Thunderbirds 2086.” .. ..


**JAMES EATOCK; animator, cartoonist, writer, noted He-Man Historian , CG publisher , and official audio commentator on HE-MAN & the MOTU, Dungeons & Dragons, and THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS.

Author: tOkKa

tOkKa :: infamous snapper, hench-mutant, & bungle-brain ,beakie-buzzard,snappin' snap-head ..n' chow-chump,enemy of Ninja Turtles. A invertible anomaly in the TMNT fandom unto himself. As a schizophrenic Pop-artist ; tOkKa ..:: Fan-fave ,shunn-'ED'/ lauded by masses, Misunderstood by high percentages.. a cult following has developed by the guy that just doesn't seem to fit into any single category Never-mind his 'Foot Fetish' @ terrible2z.com .. !! "Quoting Macbeth since 1991.."