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t2z – the tOkKA bootlegz :: “MONI-ONI” & “Say Everything” SKATEBOARDS (( 2016 )) **src

–>> Hey, Snapper-Keepers and Turtle Legions – happy Solar Eclipse Day, hope it ECLIPSES Tokka’s grumpy birthday. Been struggling for weeks to come up with as decent post to start this final quarter year of incredible contention off to a decent start. Especially when the final quarter of LAST year ended in such a hostile thud. And that kinda happened to everyone.

t2z - the tOkKA bootlegz :: MONI-ONI iIn the uncertain cloud of smoke many of us get lost in  — in the “War of Words”, it’s a good time for your old snapper-pal here to take stock of the good things past & present while moving forward. I’m not good with mincing cliches, but if they are true – what can ya do ??

t2z - the tOkKA bootlegz :: MONI-ONI iiThat being stated – 2016 wasn’t ALL bad. ’16 marked a pivotal year in many regards for the world, on a personal level – – i personally was given solace in some regards to the difficult path i’ve chosen to continue on into my 20th year in industry.

SDCC 2016 :: SDCC 2016 :: Gwendoline Yeo with Tokka & "MONI-ONIskateboardSpecifically with Nickelodeon’s TMNT Animation & Vocal Talent team. Two examples included here are part of that constant distribution of my work to industry talent, writers, designers, acting talents, charity causes, ect. This has to an important aspect on perspective i’m trying top take into 2018. If you reading this can get something inspirational out of this or at least something positive internally, all the better.

The deck posted above was made specifically for Gwendoline Yeo. Many know my obsession with TMNT villain lore, and  the latest FOOT CLAN addition to the animated canon is Gwendolin’s Shinigami.  Likely taking slight design influence from the FOOT CLAN MYSTICS, Shini is becoming an important foil and ally to both the Teen Turtle Team and the Foot Clan itself. All good, bad, lethal humorous, lovely, and loyal to her best friend, Karai.

Details in the first and second quarters of last year about her character were rather nil at least design wise with her general look. Tho’ SHINIGAMI is an important  type of spirit in Japanese culture and in religious beliefs. Also being made popular in Anime & Manga franchises like DEATH NOTE, these “gods of death” seem to have a very mysterious and antagonizing name, so i chose 1/2 and 1/2 portrait of a menacing ONI ( the famous Yokai of Japanese lore ) to face off against Raphael, as a menacing substitute to absence of design reference for the beautiful, funny but deadly Shini.

t2z - the tOkKA bootlegz :: SAY EVERYTHING i

t2z - the tOkKA bootlegz :: SAY EVERYTHING iiGwendoline became surprisingly enamored with her deck, and a wonderful friendship was struck. This is what it’s all about. Making people happy and helping as many as i can. I’m going to try, in the coming months to do more ground work for the Hero Initiative as well.

The second deck here was granted to friend & supporter Sean Astin, who is the recipient of many “TOKKA” works, even a couple to honor his legendary actress of a Mom. The great Patty Duke !!

SDCC 2016 ::Sean Astin with Tokka & "SAY ANYTHING" skateboard

SDCC 2016 ::Sean Astin & "SAY ANYTHING" skateboardMore, quick work examples from this years portfolio :

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: ZoRAPH i

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: #FISHFACE INFERNO i

#TMNT / t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: Kickboxin' Leo i

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: USAGI year 1 iMost pieces do glow in the dark, enhanced in some shots by black lights.

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: USAGI year 1 iii


Other recent works include pieces again of recycled nature utilizing vintage VHS cassettes.t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: PENGUIN COMMANDO, VHS

t2z - the tOkKA bootlegz :: VHS glow sample
t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: CASEY JONES, VHSt2z - the tOkKa bootlegz :: MONA LISA, VHSIDW, Nick Animation, Varner Studios, Playmates Toys, NECA, METTAL MEGA BLOKS & then some are among Tokka’s beneficiaries.

SDCC '17 x #tOkKa

SDCC '17 x #tOkKa

SDCC '17 x #tOkKa@Regrann ? ?? @gavinhignight - " Totally floored by the awesomeness of this #handpainted #tmnt #skateboarddeck of #donVizioso by @tokka_oroku !!!" #tokka thanks so much sir!!! #teenagemutantninjaturtles #tmnt2012 #thedon #likeaturtSDCC '17 x #tOkKa
t2z - the tOkKA bootlegz :: SHINI i

Actress #GwendolineYeo with her #Shinigami #skateboard, her character in #Nickelodeon's #TMNT.

Gwendoline Yeo eventually did receive her legitamate Tokka designed “Shinigami “skatedeck this summer.

**In the next several hours i shall be offering your chance for a custom, recycled-art skateboard or so & hopefully one of the video cassettes for top-tier backers for Jay Lawrence’s HIGHLY in-demand TMNT ACTION FIGURE ENCYCLOPEDIA Hardcover and Softcover Kickstarter program which has under 6 days to finalize. Watch this link closely !!



Further #TMNT related crowd-funding campaigns in their final days & / or worth your time & monetary flexibility and some incredible rewards  !!::

Another TMNT comic project from the influencial & infamous A. Modeen. His non-canon TMNT, indy-comic stories, particularly this one invites back Mirage Studios talent Jim Lawson, Dan Berger & others – these hypothetical adventures are so close to the creators’ original MIRAGE canon, they become a “Hypothetical – canon” & might as well be CANON. He’s the scoop on his latest project.

From the same team that brought you the Image TMNT conclusion (Vol. 3 #24 & 25) as well as “TMNT: Odyssey” comes a brand new graphic novel. This one takes place after a couple of years after Mirage TMNT Vol. 4, with Donatello leading an excursion to the center of the universe both to save it (an unknown energy is breaking down all life on a cellular level) as well as get answers for himself, his brothers and the others in his group along the way. Answers will be had, secrets revealed and consequences will be suffered.


TOKKA may have missed the draw on this one, as when this post publishes, this Passion Project of TMNT & TICK alumn, Dave Garcia may be up & plumb out of juice. But it’s not like Dave to just up and keel over like a dead horse at a dried up waterin’ hole. I’ll keep you guys updated on further developments & potential re listings of this SCI-FI WESTERN Graphic Novel project, a decade in the making !! **Check out Dave’s site for more info & to read S.O.T.W. yourself !!

Join the Black Ghost and Old Man Coyote “the Trickster” on their perilous adventures. Learn why the Masked Man used silver bullets.



As usual, thanks for your patience !! I’m workin; best i can with my skeleton GGM crew to keep ya updated on the latest n’ greatest & BEST TMNT related news bits as my poor ol’ tiny dinosaurian typin’ tips can tap out on the keyboard !!


Ok – more later. Heysave some of that 7 day old pizza from behind the couch for me and sticka candle in it n’ wish this grizzly ol’ Snapper the Grumpiest of birthdays NEVER !! !!


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** BMOG – TMNT, Transformers, LEGO, DIACLONE, Starriors ect.; ROBOT compatible accessories line **

BMOG accessories with vintage Talkin' LEO..

**BMOG: Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts – Ursenal Vs Mantax on KICKSTARTER; Really cool – check’it !!**

Robot animals that disassemble into arsenals of 5mm accessories compatible with dozens of vintage and modern toy lines.

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Robin & Shredder w/ BMOG weapon components ..


Remember the robot toys of the 80s? World-spanning battles of good and evil across the living room floor? Shape-changing and modular warriors of all shapes and sizes? So do we, and those memories inspired BMOG, a building toy system that lets you make wild, robotic animal characters where each component is an action figure accessory.

BMOG characters separate into numerous weapons and devices, each with additional 5-millimeter ports and pegs. Because many toy companies use 5mm as a standard grip or hole size, individual BMOG parts are extremely versatile; they can work with both modern or vintage toylines, some going back over thirty years. Among the dozens of compatible lines are famous franchises like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, other building systems like LEGO and K’nex, and even obscure favorites like Starriors and the Yuusha/Brave series – plus many, many more!

Each Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalt figure will come on a model kit-style plastic sprue and include a decal sheet so you can build and customize your BMOGs the way you want… and the universal 5mm peg system allows each set to combine with others to form new creations from the depths of your imagination! Let your creativity roar out with BMOG!


**BMOG: Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts – Ursenal Vs Mantax on KICKSTARTER **


Meet the BMOGs

The first two BMOG figures are URSENAL, brash warrior of the heroic AUGMENTOIDS, and MANTAX, slippery sea-spy of the evil PARAXXOIDS.


Dragonfly – A Graphic Novel by Jim Lawson

Well, looks like we’ve got some more original projects coming down the pipeline from our beloved Mirage guys.

Talking with Steve Levigne a few weeks back, he had mentioned that Jim was working on an original graphic novel. Jim explains a little bit about his new project:

I came up with the idea to do Dragonfly about a year ago. I’ve done dinosaur comics in the past, but I wanted this one to be a little different.
Although I’ve just labeled this a dinosaur comic, I don’t really consider it simply that. In the pages of Dragonfly, I knew that I wanted to gather all the creatures, things and characters that I have an affinity for- aliens, robots, funky post-apocalyptic vehicles and then of course, the occasional T-Rex.
Secondly, I made my decision early in the creative process to include both human and anthropomorphized characters in this world. I think that the cast of a story is terribly important and I’ve put a lot of thought into developing characters that work well together and enhance one another. The relationship that these individuals have seems like it could lead to some fun interactions and situations. Along with that, I wanted this new comic to be a little wacky and strange- I didn’t want to be constrained by scientific fact, or things that just wouldn’t be possible in our reality.

I’d not heard of this Kickstarter website before, so I looked into it. To contribute, you can offer Any amount… even a dollar. And Jim’s got all sorts of little treats and privileges to offer as a thank you for helping him reach his goal.

So if you like Jim’s artwork and want to chip in, or if you’re just curious to see what he’s up to, stop in and take a peek:



** cereal:geek issue two REPRINT kickstarter; 3 DAYS LEFT !! **

"mutant ninja turtles" ..art by Oscar Celestini for cereal:geek  (( 2010 ))

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Killer C-GEEK incentives !! :: CG.PDFs, SUPER BUNDLES, HE-MAN guides, Exclusive He-MAN & TURTLES prints, Original artwork, audio commentaries and MORE !!!!



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“I’ve been self-publishing cereal:geek magazine since the beginning of 2007. It is a 100 page glossy magazine (with NO ads) dedicated to showcasing the cartoons of the eighties. The writers and artists that contribute to cereal:geek bring with them exclusive content (none of this material has been printed in any other media before).

Issue two was originally published in the second quarter of 2007 and has been out of print ever since. As only 1000 copies were originally printed it is incredibly hard to obtain. So here I am, seeing if Kickstarter is a viable means to see if there is a demand for issue two…and maybe at the same time introduce some new people to the world of cereal:geek!


Issue two covers the subject of magic and science throughout the cartoons of the eighties. The main article covers many shows including Dungeons & Dragons, He-Man, She-Ra, Thundarr the Barbarian, and ThunderCats, detailing how each of them utilized magic and science to tell their stories. Jack Olesker reveals how he balanced magic and science on The New Adventures of He-Man. Another article explains how after the sci-fi-heavy first season of The Transformers the show began to delve into the realm of magic. Visionaries and Centurions (both overlooked shows) are covered. And Robert Lamb explains how magic and science worked during his time on He-Man and She-Ra. Aside from those lengthy articles there is also an in-depth history of the much-celebrated animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, the changes found in MASK’s season two are highlighted, the Top Ten cartoon transformations are listed, the Rocky films are reworked as an animated series, the love triangle in the Jem series is questioned, a page full of Galaxy Rangers trivia is featured, the amazing origin story of Smurfette is revealed, and much, much more! Other shows covered include Defenders of the Earth, Galaxy High School, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Thunderbirds 2086.” .. ..


**JAMES EATOCK; animator, cartoonist, writer, noted He-Man Historian , CG publisher , and official audio commentator on HE-MAN & the MOTU, Dungeons & Dragons, and THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS.